Framework Design Guidelines: LINQ

Wow, it feels like old times...  I am happy that we are posting a new proposal for additions to the framework design guidelines.  Mitch has worked hard on these, and we have reviewed them internally and now it is time for your comments.   Please do chime in!

LINQ Framework Design Guidelines



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  1. JoeWood says:

    Hi Brad

    One thing about the guidelines and LINQ is the use of extension methods for properties.  Shouldn’t Count() have been either GetCount() or could somebody have asked the compiler team to go the extra mile and add extension properties too.

  2. Mark Kamoski says:

    This is great. I really appreciate it. It is just the kind of thing that I have been looking for lately. Since you know a lot about this, as a follow-up, if at all possible, please read my seminal post "Linq-To-Sql and application architectures, design implementations, application layering, physical separation of tier information, etc." at this link and provide some assistance. Thank you very much. — Mark Kamoski

  3. You know that I'm a big fan of framework and library design so also have been a big fan of Framework

  4. Adron says:

    I’m diggin this too.  I’ve been wondering when I’d find something in regards to guidelines.  I’ve just been going at it and figuring it out through trial and error and a large dose of observation so far.

  5. So I was finally getting back around to reading a few of the blogs that I do. One of the blogs…

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