ASP.NET MVC in CodePlex and Extensible Unit Testing

Phil has some good thoughts on ASP.NET MVC preview 2 and beyond. 

A couple of key things that I think are very cool with this project.

image CodePlex builds -- The team is very excited to be  able to ship out the source code and unit tests for ASP.NET MVC through it's release cycle on CodePlex.    We will still do regular CTPs and Betas and RTMs, outside of CodePlex in the normal way.  But CodePlex allows more frequent releases if you want to watch the evolution of the product more closely. 

Unit Testing Frameworks

Unit test integration -- We are very exited to be working closely with the TDD community on the ASP.NET MVC framework.  In fact the MbUnit  folks have already released updated installers that integrates support for MbUnit into ASP.NET MVC..   I am sure the others will add support shortly.  Joe Cartano of the Web Tools team posted an updated streamlined walkthrough on how to do so using NUnit and Rhino Mocks as an example.

Read more on Phil's blog

Thanks for your feedback on ASP.NET MVC... 

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  1. Andrei Rinea says:

    Put a "c" in "exited" to make it better 😉

  2. BradA says:

    >> Put a "c" in "exited" to make it better 😉

    Thanks… fixed

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  4. mostlylucid says:

    My surreal life…

  5. ASPInsiders says:

    My boss’s boss has blogged about what’s been going on this week : The ASP.NET MVC Source is up on CodePlex

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