Silverlight and WPF Control Developer Huddle at Mix08

I just  ran into Ted Glaza from Ajax Control toolkit and Silverlight Controls fame and he is getting some of the control developers together (3rd parties, Microsoft as well as in house) to talk about building controls for WPF and Silverlight. 

We will have some folks there are are building the current set of controls that ship in the box for Silverlight and WPF from and I hope some folks from Telerik, ComponentOne, and Infragistics. 

Ted tells me we will meet up in a few tables in the center of the dining room here at Mix tomorrow (Friday) at during the lunch break.

Anyone is welcome be there if you can!

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  1. Debbie says:

    To that list of third parties for WPF controls you may want to check out Mobiform Software.  Ron DeSerranno, its President, is attending MIX08.

  2. Shoot!  Just catching up on feeds and saw this.  I would have loved to hear what others had to say.  Apologies that blendables was not included.


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