Silverlight 2 Controls

As ScottGu announced in the Mix08 keynote today, we now have a full, rich set of controls built in to Silverlight 2. 


Kathy Kam recently created a very cool control viewer to show off all the great built in controls.  

Oh, and don't forget about the really rich set of controls produced by our eco-system.  Just a couple of examples:

Nov '08:  Updated the link to the RTM version of the samples page:
Also, be sure to check out the Silverlight Control Toolkit: 

Comments (20)

  1. DG says:

    The controls are a decent first effort, but where is the ComboBox?  Treeview?  And I sure hope the anti-aliasing can be turned off – it makes the fonts look butt fugly.

  2. Hi,

    Great stuff, what about the validators ?

  3. Scott Conrad says:

    We don’t necessarily need validators for silverlight. It is nice, but I am glad they got out the beta quicker than I thought they would. Silverlight doesn’t use a postback model, so you can simply validate using a RegEX match. You could update a textblock to show an invalid input 🙂 and then bypass your call to a method that takes the input.

    It works for now, and it doesn’t hurt to run this same server side validation for a web method call or something of the sort in the future, so any validation code you would write now can still be used later.

    -Scott Conrad

  4. Mojtaba Vali says:

    hi. i don’t know how silverlight is rendered at client side?

    i only know that it would require an activex in browser.can you descripe more?

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  5. Mark Blomsma says:

    It seems that after installing Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 all the eco-system websites are broken.

    ErrorCode: 1001

    ErrorType: ParserError.


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  7. DCMonkey says:

    No Cut/Copy/Paste on the TextBox context menu? I hope that gets fixed.

  8. steve says:

    All the other sites are coming up with errors

  9. Lars says:

    Chart control also seems to be missing – at least if this is going head-to head with Flex.

  10. John says:

    Installing Silverlight 2 beta 1 has caused all samples on the three links to third party component providers to stop working…

  11. Pete says:

    No Combo Box? You’ve got to be kidding.

  12. Mircea says:

    The Combobox/DropDown and the TreeView components were part of ANY set of web components since forever.

    How come MS decided that the most used components (after the Textbox/Checkbox) are not to be included in this set.

    Is like someone is giving us [developers] an airplain with only one wing and half of the engine.

    I know that a very good developer will be able to use the given set of components to create a combobox/dropdown and a half-baked treeview, but it will be cumbersome to create them.

    Also, MS, please fix your stuff. Breaking some other’s applications functionality it’s NOT considered acceptable when you install a new set of components.

  13. Mike says:

    Guys, it’s a beta. Calm down.

  14. BradA says:

    >>Installing Silverlight 2 beta 1 has caused all samples on the three links to third party component providers to stop working…

    Yes — sorry about that… The good news is that a bunch these control vendors are here at Mix and they tell me they are actively working updating those sites…  stay tuned!

  15. DennisW says:

    When is a ComboBox/DropDownList control expected?

    Also can the ItemsControl be use to do a custom ComboBox control?

  16. stop crying says:

    Sounds like a whole lot of you need your diapers changed. This is a BETA.

    I’m sure with even a TOUCH of creativity you can figure out how to make a combo box. Same with treeview. Stop crying. Take a look at some of the demos out there already.

  17. You might have a typo.

    echo-system => eco-system

  18. DennisW says:

    I would appreciate a serious answer to the when on controls like the combobox.  Sure a custom one can be created but it makes it easier to get support from management when basic controls like the combobox are supported natively.  Management likes to have a timeline on development on very large projects.

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