The NBA All-Stars go Silverlight

I just noticed the NBA All-Stars went with Silverlight for the update to their video site.  Now you can watch all your favorite NBA clips in Silverlight!  

If your boss asks, tell him you are doing a "technology evaluation" 😉

Check it out: 



Comments (6)

  1. mcp111 says:

    I keep getting a "Failed to load" error when I click on any video. I have Silverlight installed. Any ideas???

  2. JD says:

    Same here and I do have silverlight installed as well. Displays the "Failed to load" javascript alert box.

  3. albert says:

    same here! can seem to load the video. "failed to load"

  4. 兴百放 says:

    Very Good ! I has seen it !


    As you say,If your brower is FF,you can uninstalled it  and installed it.

     But i don’t know how to solve it in IE7

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