Mix08 — Almost sold out…


I just head that we are very close to selling out Mix08, so if you want to be there for all the action, now is the time!

Check out http://visitmix.com/2008/default.aspx for all the details... But a few cool things we are doing this year...

1. Lots more sessions from 3rd parties... Yes, I know you like hearing from Microsoft, but the web is an open and vibrant place, and we want Mix to be the same... So we have asked several noteworthy folks from across the web to come and talk

2. Designers, Designers, Designers... We have a whole track focused on designers...  If you are a UX designer, come please come and share your insights and get inspired from your co-works

3. Silverlight 2 and all the trimmings... I hear from customers very regularly that they want to hear the latest on Silverlight 2, Visual Studio and Expression support and more!  We have a LOT of good stuff to talk about.  Be there first hand to see all the action

4. Great stuff for the web... ASP.NET MVC has generated a huge amount of interest!  As as Dynamic Data and our AJAX support.  We will be talking more about all of these and releasing some new bits and Mix..

5. Meet your peers -- The web is connecting people like never before, but then, so is a great party at TAO!!  Come, hang out, play xbox, catch some sessions, play in the sandbox, talk, learn, listen, Mix it up!


See you there! 

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