Cool new WPF application: Cayra Mindmapping tool Free!

imageCheck out this cool new new mind mapping tool that uses some of the great layout and graphics capabilities of  WPF.


Here is a mindmap of Mix I created to test it out..  Fun stuff!


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  1. sdobrev says:

    Hi Brad,

    Please have a look at our mind mapping app, build on top of .NET 3.5 and decide which one is cooler 😉


  2. Cim Taurus says:

    Mind mapping is about free drawing and just does not translate well to the computer.  Nice app though.

  3. Gorhal says:

    Very nice. But is better, very cool.

  4. tim says:

    i have to say that cayra offers an original approach to mind mapping (while bookvar – mentioned so boldly in the comments – doesn’t).

  5. Ma olen pikemat aega otsinud sobivat tasuta mind mappingu (eesti keeles mõtete kaardistus , aga jätkan

  6. Julia says:

    Hello, Brad!

    Huge thanks for the post 🙂

    You might find interesting taking a look at a <a href="">newer Cayra version</a> with the Map Lock feature (which means you can pin down all your nodes).

    Kind regards,


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