Senior Developers for ASP.NET and Silverlight Wanted!

There has never been a more exciting time to be a web developer! The pace of innovation in the web space is amazing. Ajax, MVC, Dynamic Data, and Silverlight! My team owns growing these platform technologies to the next level, making them great for the future of business applications and we need your help!

  • Are you JavaScript guru who has a passion to make Ajax easier for the masses?
  • Are you the resident expert in ASP.NET and consistently think about how data driven applications could be easier to build?
  • Are you a TDD or patterns wonk that sees how ASP.NET MVC is a game-changer?
  • Are you excited about the potential of Silverlight for business applications, and particularly the potential for the ASP.NET+Silverlight combination where we have the great .NET programming model on the server and client?

My team has several openings for senior, experienced developers with a passion for platform\framework technology. If you have 5+ years of software development industry experience, know how to work effectively in teams, have a great software design abilities and are an excellent developer than we just might have the spot for you!

Example Job Descriptions: clip_image002

Some updated ones...




Drop me a line and submit your resume to one of the job descriptions above if you are interested!

Comments (11)

  1. It’s great to see that you are still heavily investing in the core ASP.NET platform with MVC as well as hiring "JavaScript gurus" for your AJAX framework. Good luck with that and we are all looking forward to the upcoming releases of ASP.NET Extensions…

  2. Angie D : says:

    "Primary responsibilities will include defining the vision" Hmmm have you tried ‘head hunting’ a Hindu guru instead?

    Surfing is my passion. Not Ajax 🙂

  3. Come Work With Me And Other Great People

  4. Welcome to the fortieth issue of Community Convergence. This week we have two new releases of note: We

  5. Welcome to the fortieth issue of Community Convergence. This week we have two new releases of note: We

  6. Welms says:

    I have great passion in development; but need more experience.

  7. Hello Brad,

    I am interested and have an excellent expertise in .NET web-based development field including new technologies like LINQ and Silverlight.

    My email is

  8. Dharmindar says:

    Hello Brad,

    I have tried to all the recent technologies.

    1. WPF

    2. SilverLight

    3. WCF

    4. Work Flow

    5. MVC

    I have been working on to ASP.Net since around last two years and for about last five years I have been engaged with various technologies. Including C++, MFC, ATL, COM and recently I am exploring Cross Platform Development in C++. I hope that I become a brilliant and productive resource.

    My Email is:


  9. Ted says:

    Still hoping to see winforms controls, or a good sized subset thereof, in silverlight 2.  We’re an ASP.NET shop and, based on past problems, avoiding extensions to it outside of the core ASP.NET framework.  Client side scripting is minimal given our security requirements.

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