Book Review: Made to Stick


I just finished reading (ok... listening) to Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. 

The authors do a great job at expanding on some ideas on how to make ideas resonate and, well, stick with your audience... This is a key skill for any Program Manager needing to lead without authority.    While many of the ideas where common sense, the detailed explanation and colorful stories help to bring light to the kernel of truth.    The authors use a mix of scientific data, careful analysis of urban legends, proverbs from all over the world and advertising data to bring color to their points.

A few of the ideas that stuck with me from the book are the curse of knowledge, surprise, stories, focusing on the personal rather than the corporate, burring the lead, concreteness, less options are better, analytical vs dialog\problem solving frame of reference.  

I know that doesn't do justice to the topic... but read the book and you will get it!

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  1. adefwebserver says:

    Thanks for this. Based on your recommendation, I just downloaded it on I know what you mean by "listening to a book". Who has time to read anymore?

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