WPF Coming into the mainstream with excellent component vendor support

I love the ecosystem around Microsoft technology...  The 3rd party component vendors add some much jazz and productivity to our platforms.  I recently saw a list of the component vendors already shipping products for WPF and I couldn't help but share it. 

Are there any I am missing?  What has your experience with these been?


Actipro WPF Studio: Ribbon, Bar Code, Wizard, DateTime, Calendar, Transition, Color Selection, Transition Effects Library




Divelements: Office UI, Window Management

image    image


DevComponents: Office UI, Window Management




SoftwareFx: Charts










Infragistics: Carousel, DataPresenter, Grid, Masked Edit, DateTimeEdit, CurrencyEdit, NumericEdit, CheckEdit, TextEdit, ThemePacks, Chart




Component One Schedule, MonthCalendar, Chart, Grid




Xceed: DataGrid



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Blendables: Zoombox, ElementSnapshot, Carousel, ChromelessWindow, DragAndDrop, Pie Chart, OS Check, Timeline Panel, Binding MarkupExtensions, NumbericRangeToObjectConverter



 Mindscape: ProperityGrid



neodynamic: BarCode



Syncfusion: Docking, Office 2007 Ribbon, GroupBar and Char

image    image


Orbifold: diagramming tool (free and commercial versions)



Kevin's Bag-o-Tricks:  tons of UI controls and samples

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Comments (21)

  1. Released only days ago, Mindscape has released the first 100% WPF Property Grid control.


    Disclaimer: I work for the company, would love for you to add a reference and screenshot to your blog post!


    John-Daniel Trask


  2. BradA says:

    Thanks John.. I added Mindscape… keep them comming!

  3. Thanks for adding it Brad 🙂

    As an update, our first control is not a DataGrid, it’s a PropertyGrid (like the property editor in Visual Studio or Blend), not a generic data grid.

    Thanks again!

    John-Daniel Trask


  4. Venugopal says:

    Hi Brad,

    Syncfusion has also released a full suite of WPF controls including Docking, Office 2007 Ribbon, GroupBar and Chart. More information is available at:


    Could you please add them to your post?.



  5. DamianH says:

    It’s kind disappointing that there are no significant open source component suites, particularly for open-source apps.

  6. Matt says:

    Orbifold (the WPF port of Netron graph control) is available here (and has an open-source version too)


  7. BradA says:

    OK — I got that round of updates done… please keep them comming!

  8. Andrew Webb says:

    The software stack that really needs the component vendor love in order to thrive is Workflow Foundation.  Microsoft’s WF Designer is unusable by normal humans (i.e. non devs); where’s the 3rd-party version that really is fit for end-user consumption?

  9. Oran says:

    Nice to see a big name in Microsoft pushing WPF again!  Now if only someone could persuade ScottGu to do the same.  I believe it’s in his job description, but he sure doesn’t act like it…. 🙁

  10. We also has done our application in WPF http://www.scrumdesk.com. We will release it soon.

  11. Link Listing – January 24, 2008

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  14. ansonli says:

    where’s Microsoft’s product? Even microsoft doesn’t use WPF, why should we developers use it in production? I have been asking this question for a year.

  15. Kevin Moore says:

    Thanks for the great list and the plug, Brad.

    FYI: the new permanent URL (with fresh updates) is always here – http://j832.com/bagotricks

  16. Aaron says:

    @ansonli — Microsoft doesn’t sell third party components for WPF — which is the point of Brad’s post. For examples of WPF applications, look at the Microsoft Expression Suite — applications written using WPF.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Infragistics now includes Chart and Ribbon

  18. adospace says:

    Hi Brad,

    AqiStar provides a wpf syntax highlighting text editor with great features.


    I’m glad if you please could add it to your post.

    Thank you very much!

  19. Hi Brad,

    Mindscape has just released another WPF offering – WPF Elements a suite of the following controls for line-of-business applications:

       * WPF Multicolumn TreeView control (aka WPF TreeListView)

       * WPF Currency Text box

       * WPF Integer Text box

       * WPF Numeric Text box

       * WPF Masked Text box

       * WPF DateTimePicker

       * WPF DropDownDatePicker

       * WPF MonthCalendar

       * WPF Spin control (aka up-down control)

       * WPF Spin decorator

       * WPF DropDownEditBox

       * WPF ProportionalStackPanel

    Would love if you could add this to your list (images and related content can be found here: http://www.mindscape.co.nz/products/wpfelements/)

    Many thanks,

    John-Daniel Trask

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