Cool Silverlight Charts from Chart FX

The guys over at Chart FX have long done some great .NET data visualization controls... recently they turned their attention to Silverlight and have done some pretty cool stuff.   They are leveraging ASP.NET to give a very nice end-to-end story that helps customer move forward with the power of Silverlight easily from where they are today.. 






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  1. Test says:

    The guys over at Chart FX have long done some great .NET data visualization controls… recently they

  2. Mike Borozdin says:

    Any advantages over using .NET drawing functions? I doubt it .NET drawing loads a server excessively. There can be only one advatange I think – Silverlight doesn’t depend on server platform.

  3. Mike says:

    Unfortunately, Chart FX is known for being expensive.  You’d have to sell an organ in order to get a license.  If you have the money though, it is a great package.

  4. CJ says:

    Chart FX is the best product ever.  I’m glad they working with Silverlight now.

  5. Kristian says:


    I disagree with the comment about price. For what you get ChartFX is very reasonably priced.

    It would cost many times more to pay developer(s) to develop charts that are good enough to be even mentioned on the same page. Plus you will need someone who knows how to work with what you have built and hope that they do not leave, when you could just get the excellent support from ChartFX.

    The answer to the big question of build or buy in this case is a resounding "buy"!


  6. FX says:

    <a href="">FX</a>のメリット






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