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I had a great time DevLink today... I was honored to kick it off the event with the morning keynote... I told a very similar story that I did at ReMix Boston..  See the full notes here... 

devLink Technical Conference


Later in the day, I happened to walk into a "Real World Ajax" talk and found the room full with 30+ attendees and no speaker...  I thought, well, I know a little bit about Ajax, maybe I can find something to talk to about.  And I did.  Thanks a lot of the nice folks that put up with an somewhat under prepared speaker.  I walked through the mySilverlightTV application and showed off Nikhil's Web Developer Helper in the process. 



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  1. jmscotty says:

    Brad, I met you the day before the kickoff when you hung out with a few developers from our team and showed off some of the stuff coming in the 3.5 Framework and you touched on a few things you were going to presenting in your keynote the following day. First, thanks for sharing some of your valuable time with us. Second, those demos you showed us really are exciting. Afterwards, I could not help but start daydreaming of all the cool stuff products that will start to come from all these new technologies.

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  3. sqlsvrman says:

    Brad, I was one of the folks that attended the AJAX session. In fact I was the one who spoke up when you walked in and asked if you could speak.

    You did an awesome job!! Maybe even better than the scheduled speaker.

  4. Test says:

    I had a great time DevLink today … I was honored to kick it off the event with the morning keynote…

  5. riceboyler says:


    I didn’t get to attend the improptu session you did unfortunately, but two of my team members did, and they raved about it.  Thanks so much for coming to Nashville and for a GREAT keynote.

    We hope to see you around these parts again next year!

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