Visual Studio 2nd Life Speaker Series: Silverlight

I can't wait to do my first virtual user's group visit...  This should be a blast!  I went by there today and they have the place all set up for me...  There is going to be a free poster give away (virtual of course) as well as demos of Silverlight (on the mac of course). 

Please try to come if you can...

Here is what this setup looks like....



Event Details:

Guest Speaker: Brad Abrams, Group Program Manager, .NET Framework

When: Thursday, August 30th, 3 – 4 PM PST

Where: Visual Studio Island Auditorium in Second Life

How to join the event:

If you’re already a member of Second Life, you can teleport directly to the Visual Studio Island via this link;

If you’re new to Second Life, you’ll be guided through the Second Life registration process and will need to set up an Avatar; visit then go to

Comments (11)

  1. Bo Taney (Jax) says:

    oOo a chance to virtually hear the mighty Abrams talk!

    I’m so there…. 😀

  2. Test says:

    I can't wait to do my first virtual user's group visit… This should be a blast! I went by there

  3. Well. I just went by the conference center and it looks cool. I’m going to stay up (it starts at midnight in my timezone) and watch the show…

  4. Ben Hayat says:

    Every time I click on Teleport, it tells me "location not found" and it’s 3 mintues to start!

    Any help?

  5. Ben Hayat says:

    I tried for half an hour, and could not get in. Waste of time!

  6. BradA says:

    Sorry about the techincal issues getting in… We max’ed out the place and had to turn people away.  I am planning to get the sildes and demo videos posted in the next couple of days…

  7. Blogs says:

    i had my first full fledged second life experience today. i had signed up a while back out of sheer curiosity

  8. It was a wonderfull session Brad. I really enjoyed the time I spent in SecondLife. Such sessions should become regular (:

    Lets hope the next meeting will be even more usefull!


    Valentin Stoychev


  9. Bo Taney (Jax) says:

    Heheh, that was fun, despite the technical difficulties.

    I think my geek thermometor exploded once I sat down in a virtual world to hear a talk on Silverlight.

    It wasn’t perfect, but it was a very interesting experience and as ever 2nd Life delivers more hope for the future than anything totally awesome right now.

  10. Martin Cook says:

    Gutted I wasn’t able to be a part of this… There is a massive delay between me process a movement key and that action being carried out.  Did anyone else get this?  I am in the UK.


    PS if you could do a normal video that would be awesome 😉

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