Silverlight Flight Simulator

A reader that works for Lufthansa sent me a link to another addictive Silverlight game.. this is a Silverlight based flight "horizon-simulator".  Apparently it is more than a game... they plan to use it for one phase of pilot qualifications.  Given how badly I did, I guess I will keep my day job 😉





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  1. WynApse says:

    Silverlight Late Cream for August 6, 2007

  2. Interesting game. I can’t wait to see how businesses will take Silverlight and implement it into their web applications.

  3. Joku says:

    That was actually really easy compared to flying the helicopters in the very popular BF1942 desert combat game where you had the very easy to crash Apache that took actually weeks of playing to keep in the air somewhat decently. That involved 2 sets of arrow keys, wasd and the regular.

    Thinking about that a bit, I actually think that for a guy who’s never really learned to use console pad like one with Xbox, the learning curve is probably similar for the controls but after you’ve mastered it it’s probably a lot easier with the pad than the keyboard as instead of controlling the "force" with the frequency of key presses you just move the stick further.

  4. Hi Brad, thank you for blogging this!

    It is meanwhile online and you can find it at the Lufthansa homepage. To skip the rest of the (german) self tests simply use the following url:

    Thank you for this great framework and keep up the good work!

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