Fun with the power of Silverlight 1.1

Looks like the folks at Terralever have had fun with Silverlight 1.1...  They built a very cool little zero-G game... I certainly had fun playing it for a while... well actually, I was "stress testing Silverlight 1.1 Alpha" 😉 

Read all about it: silverlight: who needs inertia, introducing lt. bennett

Here is my best shot so board so far... Can you get further?? 


Oh, and feel free to tell your boss you are just stress testing Silverlight 😉

Comments (7)

  1. steve says:

    Don’t ever post such an addicting game again! I just spent my morning on it!!

  2. BradA says:

    Oh yea!  I totally know what you mean…  

  3. saAction says:

    "feel free to tell your boss you are just stress testing Silverlight ;-)"

    my boss also play this game with me.

    realy SilverLight!

  4. saAction says:

    but what about process my CPU show 100% process. when I was playing it.

  5. vasudev says:

    Yes its very addictive game.

    I have also posted about it in my blog along with the list of Silverlight games and apps taken from the lists of Tim Sneath and Chris Bowen blogs. So there are lots of such games to be tried. Check out.

    Also check the interview with creators of Zero Gravity games, where they talk of various game levels and release of its source code.

    With so many Silverlight games and more to come, one may have to spend lot of time trying it out 😉

  6. Hey Brad – I was going to send you a comment and thank you for blogging about this awhile back but time escaped me.  Regardless, everyone at Terralever is excited about the game.  We’re looking forward to releasing the source code also-it won’t be tomorrow, but it will be soon enough… Thanks again!

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