ClickOnce in Firefox

I just noticed that James Dobson recently got the FFClickOnce support added as an official FireFox plugin..  The latest release includes localization support! 

Thanks James, this really helps the community out a lot! 


Before the plug-in, you could not really do much with a clickonce application in firefox...



With the plug in you get the much more useful "Run ClickOnce Application"


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  1. Oran says:

    Very cool!  Any word on the Orcas Firefox XBAP support?  What will the delivery vehicle be?  Is there a beta we can play with?

  2. Brad Abrams mentions that James Dobson’s ClickOnce Firefox add-on has been officially accepted . This

  3. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  4. Rudi says:

    Just the thing I was looking for.

    I was getting worried from this blog entry:

    Annoying thing is that the Ladybug item has been fixed already a long time ago, but the question remains: when will we see a .NET 2.0 SP1?

  5. Dennes says:

    Um plugIn para o FireFox, que entrou na lista de plugins oficiais deste browser, passou a dar…

  6. ClickOnce in FireFox

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