Acropolis CPUMemory Watcher

One of the cool things about acropolis is that you can define different views for the same business logic.  This separation of concerns between presentation and business logic is nothing new, but the core acropolis architecture makes it much easier to do. 

The CPU\Memory Watcher demo is a great example of this power.   And with the power of WPF, the views can be very cool...

The default view is a gauge view



But click on the command bar and you can change the view to a more data oriented graph view..




The other thing that is way cool about Acropolis is that while it fully expolits WPF, it is not tied to it...  So you can even use the full graphics power of the command console! 



You can get the source code here, but a few notes about the implementation...

1. On Vista, you will need to run as VS as administrator to access the perf counters


2. The view code for the console application is not as clean as we would like it to be, expect some changes in this space... but it is a good "under the covers" look at how acropolis works.

3. To compile the project for console, you have go into project, settings and change the startup object



Thanks to Nathan Enright, Scott McCraw and Daniel Irwin for pulling this demo together!

Comments (7)

  1. Martin P says:

    Am I the only one getting errors trying to open the source file’s solution file? And the csproj for that matter? (I’ve tried using both VS.NET 2005 and Orcas…)


  2. BradA says:

    What kind of errors are you getting?  I should have said that you have to have acropolis CTP installed

  3. yluyubpxhq says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! kzwznutnrcpqwq

  4. Rafee says:

    when I try to open the solution in Orcas, i get an error "the project already opened in the solution"  how do I fix this? thanks


  5. Rafee says:

    After installing Acropolis, the source code opened and compiled with no error.  

    Brad, it would be helpful, if you could write a summary of things you did in coding this application and also how this can be ported to a web page.



  6. TerryLee says:

    开发代号为“Acropolis”是微软下一代客户端应用程序开发框架,在这之前,开发人员主要是依赖CAB,在.NET Framework中创建复杂的Windows客户端应用程序,它依赖于Windows Presentation Foundation,但是也可以用于非WPF应用程序。Acropolis框架将会大量使用向导,并深入集成到Visual Studio中。目的是通过让开发者更专注于一个应用的业务逻辑,避免在GUI框架和外观等问题上下花费过多时间,进而加速开发过程。Brad Abrams曾经写过一篇文章来介绍使用Acropolis关注分离

  7. says:

    开发代号为“ Acropolis ”是微软下一代客户端应用程序开发框架,在这之前,开发人员主要是依赖 CAB ,在 .NET Framework 中创建复杂的 Windows 客户端应用程序

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