Silverlight1.1ASP.NET PhotoViewer Application

Chung Webster gave a great talk at TechEd today about how to use Silverlight and ASP.NET today... in it he built up a very cool PhotoViewer appwith some great panning and zooming effects, FileUpload, Networking all from managed code in the browser! 


Download the full source code... Enjoy

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  1. Chris says:

    Is source code not ready?

  2. mscherotter says:

    I can’t wait to see it but the source code link is broken.


  3. SM says:

    Source code link is broken

  4. BradA says:

    THanks Michael… i got it fixed…

  5. WynApse says:

    Silverlight Cream for June 7, 2007

  6. During the last days I have added some new tutorials and examples to my list. Dave Campbell sent me a

  7. Thomas says:

    The demos I have seen of Silverlight show it to be a pretty powerful application.

    Think about integration between Silverlight and Gears. Use Silverlight for access to video, and then use Gears for offline storage capabilities.

    I wrote a post about how&nbsp;<a href="; target="_blank">Silverlight and Gears integration</a> could work, and have a link to a demonstration written by Ashish Shetty.

  8. Avi says:

    The link is broken. can anyone send it to me

  9. Brad: Please fix the download link.


  10. Brad: Please fix the download link.


  11. Brad: Please fix the download link.


  12. BradA says:

    Hmm.. odd.. the link works for me… can other folks access it?

    here is the raw URL

    Some ISP have had trouble with the underscore in the machine name…

  13. Dave Noderer says:

    Works for me.. Thanks Chung and Brad!

  14. Chung Webster Silverlight Presentation

  15. Philip the Duck says:

    Great sample, thanks!

    It opened, built and ran first time for me, but when I right-click on "Page.xaml" in Visual Studio Orcas and choose "Open in Expression Blend…" (I’m running the May Preview of BLend 2), Blend opens the project but on opening the XAML file displays an "Invalid XAML" message in a red box, with several instances of the following error in the Results pane:

    The name "Button" does not exist in the namepsace "clr-namspace:Silverlight.Samples.Controls;assembly=ClientBin/Silverlight.Samples.Controls.dll".

    Now, as I said, the project builds in Orcas and runs (in both IE and FireFox) just fine, including the buttons, so obviously the Button control *is* in the Silverlight.Samples.Controls.dll assembly. I’ve also verified this via Reflector – it’s there!

    So, any ideas on why Blend 2 can’t see it? Thanks in advance for any help or pointers you can give…

  16. Chung Webster says:

    Hi Philip

    Expression Blend 2 May CTP doesn’t work with custom controls. For now you have to comment out these types and then load up the xaml in Blend.

    The top of the page.xaml file has details on this.

    Hope this helps


  17. Philip the Duck says:


    Oh dear, is my face red! Maybe I’ll try RTFM before posting for help next time!

    Who’d have thought it – a *useful* comment in code 😉



  18. Mike says:

    Have tried the link on 2 diferent machines using FF and IE at work and at home and the link does not seem to be available

    Can you check it please



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