Bonus Acropolis Information: Video, Live docs and More!

Oh, cool, I just learned that if I work fast I can have a blog post of mine featured prominently in Kathy's talk at TechEd, DEV318 - Windows .NET Client: Building Rich Client UI with the “Acropolis” Framework. 

Here is a camtasia of Kathy demoing Transitions...Noticed I published this on with Jame's Live Writer plug in.



See the video here: Using Transitions in Acropolis


Also, we have on line docs!  I love being able to link to exactly the part of the framework you are talking about... plus they are easier to find with your search engine of choice..

A few suggestions:

Walkthrough: Building an Acropolis Notepad Application
Walkthrough: Building an Acropolis RSS Reader Application



Introduction to Acropolis Layouts
By KathyKam
"What exactly am I selecting?" you might be thinking... so each of these selection correspond to an UI element that Acropolis provides. (All of which lives in the Microsoft.Acropolis.Windows namespace). "Default Layout" aka PartPane ...
Kathy Kam -


Debugging of and error handling for synchronous Commands

By Dennis "D.C." Dietrich

So you might have your first Acropolis application up and running and everything works just fine. Except for that little problem in one of your commands that you have missed. How could that happen? Well, if an exception is thrown during the execution of a Part's command and you have a debugger attached to the process you might be lucky and find the issue.

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  1. Glenn says:

    Where can we get the source code from?

  2. Agile/TDD/Software Development MbUnit 2.4 RTM Rhino Commons, Repository<T> and Unit Of Work Setting up Windsor for auto registration of components Acropolis Brad Abrams has a follow-up post that has a lot more information including videos, links

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