Are you ready to make a change?

The ASP.NET team is looking to fill some senior Program Manager positions and you might be just the right person. I would love to have someone who is passionate about the web’s potential, who is an expert in common web technologies such as Php, Rails, JSP, Ajax (and of course .NET), who wants to build amazingly great products for customers, who knows how to drive, lead and inspire teammates, who knows how to listen (and talk) to customers and partners. There is a change going on here and you can be a part of it… With products such as ASP.NET AJAX, Mix, Silverlight, dynamic languages and Astoria Microsoft is in the process of changing the way we work with “the web”. Come be a part of taking that to the next level…

  • If you have never considered working for Microsoft before, but you are intrigued by the chance to change Microsoft – come!
  • If you have long dreamed of a chance to make a big impact on the development platform that millions of people use everyday – come!
  • If you have a vision for the web that Microsoft and ASP.NET can be part of – come!

For the moment, we are only looking for senior program managers, that means 5-10 years experience in the industry, lots of experience leading teams, lots of experience building solutions (large and small).

If you are that person, check out these job descriptions and then contact me or brada AT Microsoft DOT com!

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  1. astoria is like WCF?


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