Exploiting Silverlight with PopFly

One of the reasons I love working in the developer platform space is that I get to see the amazing solutions people build with our product.  Microsoft PopflyExpress Yourself

I am very impressed with what the Popfly team has been able to create on top of Silverlight 1.1 Alpha in just a few weeks...   Not only is it a cool app that is addictive to play with, but it shows what is possible with Silverlight 1.1.. Between it and TopBanna I think we are starting to get a peak at what is to come on the web. 


Here is what I came up with with literally 5 mins of playing around with it.. Notice how it reuses a block someone else published, cool and viral! 



Check on JohnMont's post for some great info and links.

Comments (9)

  1. Anon says:

    Brad, it must be really rewarding to have others snapping up your newly created techonologies, giving you a warm and cozy feeling. I only wish I had a similar environment at my work. :sigh:

    PS: I hope you meant ‘peek at what was to come’ rather than it’s ‘peak’. 😉

  2. BradA says:


    Thanks, I fixed the "peek"

  3. EricTn says:

    Well, if we’re gonna start getting picky about spelling, then let’s also mention the phrase "somoene else puplished".  I mean, if we’re gonna get picky…

  4. Kirk.B says:

    This spellchecking is "adictive".

  5. BradA says:

    Man — My spellchecker seems to be broken..

  6. IsaiahO says:

    SilverLight looks like the next big thing for web developers. I’ve only started getting my fingers wet and it’s a joy!!!

  7. Andy Thomas says:

    Brad, I clicked on the link, and all I saw was a page with a text message written in a "ransom note" type font. What’s so great about that? Am I missing something?

  8. BradA says:

    Andy — Yea, I didn’t say it was earth shattering 😉  What I do is pull the headlines from my blog and pass them to another part that grabs a picture from flickr tagged with that letter.  This gives the ransome note feel to real, live data…

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