Silverlight on .NET Rocks

I had a chance to talk to the great folks over at .NET Rocks about a couple of the big Silverlight announcements we did here at the show. 

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Show #233: Brad Abrams Announces Silverlight

The whole think is great, but the interview with me starts at about 12:20

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  1. Vaibhav Kamath says:

    Brad, would it be possible to access the user file system using System.IO from the CLR that is part of SilverLight. Obviously from a security stand point there needs to be user permission to allow this just like ActiveX. I am trying to see if we will be able to replace ActiveX controls with Silverlight based .NET code.



  2. BradA says:

    Yes Vaibhav… there are two ways to use System.IO from Silverlight… the first is via Isolated storage where you get a private "super cookie" sort of storage to use a client side storage.

    And if you want to access the users My Documents directory we offer a SafeFileDialog that enables the user to select a file then you get access to the contents of the value.  

  3. Adam says:

    Hi Brad,

    I haven’t had a chance to really read up on Silverlight, but I had a couple of questions I hope you could answer.

    1) What are the advantages of Silverlight compared to Flash? Both from a end-user and developer standpoint?

    2) The flash plug-in is installed on over 98% of the machines out there. As a web designer/developer, I can be confident that my content/service will be usable on over 90% of computers if I offer it in Flash. When it comes to video and other forms of multimedia, there is nothing better. RealPlayer/Quicktime install annoying plug-ins, and good lucking viewing a newer WMV if you are not using a PC. So why is MS targeting this market? No offense, but haven’t we seen that Microsoft’s attempts at creating their own internet standards when one already exists has actually caused plenty of anguish for developers?

    Forgive me if I am being ignorant, and am comparing apples and oranges. I would appreciate an answer to these questions, or a link to a document which would answer them, before I devote time and brain space to learning another technology.



  4. KNOCKS says:

    Hi Brad, should we as Silverlight developers not be worried about the Flash market capture? Whats the guarantee that the technology does pickup enough market share to justify the learning curve?

  5. Vaibhav Kamath says:

    Thanks Brad, On a totally different note will there be support for ASP.NET forms authentication for click once applications?



  6. Brad Abrams says:

    Hey Adam… thanks for your comments… I am not really a flash expert, but has been a lot of people writting about it recently… here is one..

    I have been working in the AJAX space for a year or so now, and I can tell you that customers have been asking us for more than Ajax alone can reasonably achieve… Silverlight is done directly as a result of such feedback.  

    Knocks – Yes, you are right, we have to get deployment of silverlight right and we have been investing a lot in that. I beleive if we drive demand from the top teir websites then Silverlight will get out there… Take a look at… we have MLB, CBS and NetFlix just in the keynotes alone… Of course we have a few popular websites as well and there are many more comming…

    Vaibhav – Yes!  with Orcas (.NET Framework 3.5)… WPF and WinForms client applications will be able to get seamless access to several ASP.NET appication services such as authentication…

  7. Adam says:

    Brad – Thanks for the link! It helped answer most of my questions.


  8. I had a chance to talk to the great folks over at .NET Rocks about a couple of the big Silverlight announcements

  9. maccoy says:

    silver light is cross-platform/cross browser…

    but not all windows platform!!! what is this?

    it wont work in anyother than Win xp and vista?

  10. BradA says:

    That is correct, today on Windows we support XP and Vista… That is mainly based on the number of internet connected machines… Our data indicates that XP+Vista are a VERY large precetnage of the internet connected PC market… We are happy to revisit if we get more feedback from customers… so keep the feedback comming

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