Silverlight 1.1 "Airlines" managed code sample published

Wow -- less than a day after they keynote we have the source code for the "Silverlight airlines" application posted. 

Check out David Anson blog on it which includes a live link and of course full source code!  

Check it out and build your own!  

I can't wait to see what folks do with this stuff... please send me your sample apps!

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  1. anon says:

    Brad, whilst I have a lot of admiration for you and a lot of the guys working on cool stuff, Web 2.0 has some basic premises:

    i) The end user doesn’t need to download anything new.

    ii) In the unfortunate instance that something does need to be downloaded, then it should be automagic.

    Why, oh why is MS pushing Silverlight? Come back to reality and do AJAX stuff. I think it’s time MS realised that Flash Player is the Rich Content player for web browsers. Period.

    Even mobile phones are shipping with them.

    Yes, I know I am naiive. But look at premise i) above. If I have to download it to view a site, I won’t.

    If my mum has to download something to view it, I get a call asking me if I should. I always answer, "don’t".

    Please, please, please. Drop your focus of Silverlight.


  2. BradA says:

    Thanks for your comments… I appreciate the feedback.    A good chunk of the AJAX platform work is on my team and I want to assure you that we are deeply committed to continuing the advance in the Ajax space.  Take for example the ASP.NET Futures release we just did at Mix… It includes support for CSS Selectors, history and backbutton support and a great new URL based data access support.   Check out all the information at the quickstarts site..

    Today at the conference I talked to several Adobe customers that truly love Flash… they were happy to have Microsoft in the game as choose helps everyone.  

    I think Microsoft is big enough to do a great job in the Ajax space and provide some compelling chose in the rich web space.

  3. Jan Sichula says:

    For anon: if I am to take your logic and apply it strictly – I am never going to upgrade my Internet browsing application because upgrade to newer version means download. So for 100 years to come, we are going to stay with browsers we have today. What a cool rule.

  4. jdn says:

    Not to mention that if you are viewing Flash content, and the next version of the Flash player comes out, you have to, you know, download it.

  5. Wow — less than a day after they keynote we have the source code for the "Silverlight airlines"

  6. DeepICE2 says:


    Becasue it is a pain to develop in flash and actionscript

  7. ASP.Net Ajax, Performance and Race Conditions, Oh MY! [Via: Ayende Rahien ] Updated BizTalk Resources…

  8. WantsBetaVersions says:

    Hmmm, shame that this example isn’t running off of Beta……

  9. rekna says:

    To anon: your vision is naive indeed… want to stay with HTML and CSS and AJAX? When I develop web applications, I want to focus on building application logic… With HTML,CSS,AJAX, much of the effort goes into dealing with cross browser issues and you can never achieve a sufficient rich UI as with silverlight. I welcome c# and XAML on the client, the provide us with an easy to use, transparent way of building web applications and to focus on application logic. You don’t want downloads to happen? Why would that be a problem? If the process of downloading is made easy enough I can’t see the problem. Downloads happen so often : Quicktime, Flash, Adobe Reader, they all provide us with important extension for the web browser, so now because Microsoft jumps in, you are against it? hmmm…

  10. Thomas Kaltschmidt says:

    The Airlines Silverlight 1.1 sample does not run on Mac OS X 10.4.9, a parser error occurs (of course, Silverlight 1.1 Alpha is installed).

    Has the 1.1 Alpha not the same features on Mac and Win?

  11. BradA says:

    Not sure what the issue you are seeing is… It should work, we are at feature partiy across mac and windows..

  12. Chris Craft says:

    Here’s my first Silverlight game:

    Silverlights Out

    It’s quick and dirty, but it was fun and easy to make. Thanks!

  13. Page Brooks says:

    Hey Brad, got a small demo for ya also!  It’s a simple Binary Clock.

  14. BradA says:

    Chris, Page — those are very cool… keep them comming!

  15. KeyboardCowboy says:

    @DeepICE2:  TRUE DAT!  ActionScript has always been horrible to program.  I know professional flash developers that are sick and tired of it.

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