On my way to Mix….

I can't wait for Mix to start...  Friday we locked down all the bits we are giving out (and it is a LOT of them)... polished some very cool demos  and got our hands on the final version of some other cool stuff.    You could really feel the buzz growing over in building 42 and building 10! 

I am very excited about the talk I am giving... It will be a lot of fun and will cover a some great Silverlight media stuff, some new ASP.NET AJAX work and of course Expression and Visual Studio.

If you are there, please come... If not, look for the demo and slides after the event. 

Silverlight: Creating and Delivering Amazing Video Experiences on the Web

https://content.visitmix.com/resources/images/Select.gif Monday, April 30 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM, Lando 4301A 

Speakers: Brad Abrams, Chris Knowlton - Microsoft
Audiences: Developer, Designers

Customer demands for richer UX, multi-platform support, and higher quality video are continually factors in cost of delivery. Learn how you can easily create your own video centric web site with rich search, organization, ratings and user uploaded content. This session will cover technologies including Silverlight, Expression Studio, ASP.NET and new features for Windows "Longhorn" Server that separately or together will improve the end user experience, reduce the cost of video and rich media delivery, and provide monetization opportunities for companies of all sizes. This session is intended for anyone involved in the creation, management, and experience of digital media on the Web.

If that is not enough -- here is a screen shoot of the amazing work Corrina (our designer) did for this demo...   As I mentioned earlier, Steve Marx did a HUGE amount of work on it... The demo (and the product) are MUCH better for his efforts...

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  1. penyaskito says:

    Looks great the demo! I hope you will post the links to code and slides after the Mix…

    Take a good time in the show!

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