Continuous Improvements in the Docs

The "shipping software 101" class at Microsoft clearly talks about how we are not done shipping the day the product hits the web (or the media is burned)... An ever increasing element of great software is continuous improvements.  This support includes bug fixes, enhanced samples and starter kits, training videos, out of band value-add releases and tools and finally, updating the docs.

We get thousands of bits of feedback every week about the docs... I was very excited to see that our Windows Forms documentation team has been able to focus and update those docs on the live MSDN site without waiting for another big release.

The WinFormsUE Blog mentions the full list, but here is a few to get you interested..


See the full list here..


Please keep sending in that feedback..

Comments (3)

  1. gsuttie says:

    In depth documentation is required with some samples that contain more than 2-3 lines and show you the basics are much needed in my opinion.

  2. ericgu says:

    I think you mean "done" rather than "doing" in the first sentence…

  3. BradA says:

    yes, thanks… Fixed..

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