Defy All Challenges – Video Posted

I love the new VS "Defy All Challenges" theme..   One of the thing that gets me up in the morning (ok, more likely staying up at night) is the idea that we are helping development teams across the world create amazingly better solutions to their everyday challenges. 

I recently shot part of a Red Vs. Blue inspired video about exactly this... I was honored to be in amongst the some real heavy-hitters that I personally respect a ton! 

Soma, Anders Hejlsberg, Brian Harry, Scott Guthrie and KD Hallman all appear for short segments...  Expect to see more soon! 


Video: Defy All Challenges Mix

I'd love to hear what you think...  Who do you think landed the best line? 

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  1. ~AVA says:

    I doubt the site "", and particularly its theme, can help the developers: it requires minutes to load, it is badly designed, has poor navigation, and does not provide feedback channel. The reader will need magnifying glass to read those almost invisible texts. Does that style reflects the Microsoft approach to software development?  

    By strange coincidence MSDN site ceased to post new contents since launch of "". Do you really think you are helping? Please, apply your power to give us, the users of your platform, the easy access to latest information.

    We are professional developers, not children: we don’t need 3D graphics and sounds that are not related with development. We need well structured texts describing how to create programs that will make your platform work for us. We don’t need "consistent look" of development and office tools – we need specialized tools that help us do the work fast. We don’t need gigabytes of video content on MSDN distributives or on web sites – we prefer _software_ that works well and does not require long explanation of concepts behind it.

    The software developer every day sees too much obstacles. Please, do not create new ones. When you Microsoft guys want to demonstrate how Visual Studio/ASP.NET/whatever is helpful, please do it in a helpful manner.

    The words "across the world" in your post do matter for me: I live in the part of world almost opposite to you :). It’s hard for foreigners to understand fast speech with so many different accents presented in those videos. Please use the plain text instead of multimedia where possible. Use transcripts of videos – readers across the world will thank you.

  2. Dave S. says:

    ~AVA, allow me to translate.

    "I attempted to load your website however it took a considerable amount of time to load.  I think there are definitely some opportunities for improvement with this.  

    It looks like a lot of time went into this presentation and the amount of graphics and animation are interesting.  

    Perhaps there is also a chance to explore future improvements in the day-to-day obstacles encountered by most developers today.

    I hope the weather is great!"

  3. James Alexander says:

    "We are professional developers, not children: we don’t need 3D graphics and sounds that are not related with development."

    Speak for yourself dude, I love tasty eye-candy.

    I think the "Defy All Challenges" thing is pretty cool. I don’t know why "super-wookie bad-a$$" dev’s feel the constant need to keep the proverbial stick lodged in their crack hole.

  4. Ben says:

    The site defyallchanges is entertainment–not a reference site, so chill out on the comments.

    I for one was laughing at those videos….that is good stuff.

  5. I noticed the full interview I did for the Defy All Challenges site got posted. To watch the videos,

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