Free online class: Designing .NET Class Libraries

Krzysztof Cwalina (co-author of Framework Design Guidelines) recently did a talk for the Microsoft Research Group on great framework design. 


Online lecture on API design

I gave a lecture on framework design at the Redmond’s Microsoft Research Center. They recorder and posted it on the Research Channel. You can see it here. It’s more than 3 hours long, but I think you will find it worth the time. Let me know what you think


One of my favorite slides...

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  1. Otto says:


    Any chance of getting this video in a downloadable format?  There is no way I could sit through 3.4 hours at once and trying to use a WMV file on the web like this is not fun either.

  2. BradA says:

    Good call Otto… I beleive Krys is working with the MSR folks on getting the raw WMV file… no ETA yet, but we are looking into it.

  3. Otto says:


    Thanks!  I watched the first 15 minutes and it looks like a video I’d want to keep in my growing collection.  I want to acknowlege this format is a great resource for keeping up with what you guys are doing.

  4. anothr user says:

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  5. URLFinder says:

    The URL is :


    U can use streamdown or any stream capture software to save the file.

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