Reason #73 that JavaScript is mainstream…

Well, I knew that JavaScript was becoming more mainstream, but I didn't realize it had reached this level..

Wired Al Yankovic's new song White & Nerdy mentions JavaScript right along with Klingon... What's next?  Ajax in a country music song?  How might that go?? 😉


Watch the Video...  The reference is at about 1:10

Comments (2)

  1. Ryan Stewart says:

    Heh, interesting question. I think Ajax would have to kill the family dog. Or be a brand of beer. Or maybe help momma with something.

    (I love country music, but I can make fun)

  2. Steve says:

    c’mon, javascript has been around forever and used by people who know how to develop.

    I know MS might think it’s ‘mainstream’ now, but the rest of the world know it’s been a player for quite some time.

    Hello – I have books on javascript that the covers are falling off.

    Wake up MS, just because your late to the party and you start using it doesn’t mean it’s ‘becoming mainstream’.

    Yankovic’s is so 80’s…. LOL  🙂

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