Ajax in the Balance Slides

I have gotten a couple of asks for the actual slides from my AjaxWorld keynote last week. 


Ajax in the Balance

I'd love to have your feedback\comments... And remember that plagiarism is the highest form of flattery 😉 

Comments (9)

  1. Simone says:

    Are the demo available somewhere, as well?

  2. Jerry Wang says:

    Why Brad note that "plagiarism is the highest form of flattery "?

  3. BradA says:

    Simone — Good call… i will see what I can do…

    Jerry — I meant that you should feel free to use these slides in your own presenations…

  4. Sajjad says:

    Always very useful from Brad.


  5. Rachit says:

    Wow! 14 MB size of Powerpoint slides 😉

  6. Khuzema says:

    It would be far easier if there is a feature in language (like C#) which allows programmer to target server and client from same language, same as [WebMethod] like attribute. Let say I am programming in C#, I can write that this function will target server or client with a attribute [Server] or [Client] on a sub/function. This will save us learning another language, and Framework can apply restriction what can/cannot be done under [Server] or [Client] attribute.

    I hope this is doable for MS.



  7. Atul Gupta says:

    Can’t download the presentation!! Get a page not found error. Brad, can you cross check for this?

  8. BradA says:

    I am sorry Atul… I just checked it and it seems to work now.. can you try again?

  9. Atul Gupta says:

    Brad, still some issue. Not sure this happens since i am in a different time zone and the site is down due to some maintenance. I am getting an error saying – "The connection was close by the web server".

    If possible, can you mail it to me at atulg@infosys.com

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