Good Response from AjaxWorld keynote


We got some good feedback from my AjaxWorld keynote...   If you were there, I'd love to hear your feedback, thoughts... please comment here or drop me a line...


Microsoft Not a Cathedral; Open Source Not a Bazaar

NEW YORK -- It's not every day that you see a Microsoft employee demonstrating Microsoft software running natively on Linux. Yet that's exactly what happened at AJAXWorld here, as Brad Abrams, group program manager at Microsoft for ASP.NET AJAX (codenamed Atlas) did today.
(Note, as Patrick says, I do over generalize the Cathedral and Bazaar concept slightly to make a point... Thanks Patrick...)

"What Does AJAX Bring to the Client-Server Balance?" Asks AJAXWorld Keynoter, Microsoft's Brad Abrams

Abrams came out of the gate fast, demoing how ASP.NET AJAX allows a developer to AJAX-enable a Website without writing JavaScript, by using the tag-based approach that ASP.NET AJAX makes very easy to execute, including JSON calls back to the server.
Abrams brought along his Mac, to demonstrate that it all ran on a Mac just as easily - a nice touch for a Microsoft speaker.
He then demoed how ASP.NET AJAX also jives with Dojo

Microsoft Joins OpenAJAX Alliance

The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant announced its entree into the alliance at the AJAXWorld East conference in New York.

"We are looking forward to carrying forward what you can do with AJAX and are really open in an integrated way," said Brad Abrams,


Oh, and Joe Stagner got some well deserved credit for his excellent presentation at AjaxWorld last night...  If you ever get a chance to hear this guy speak you should... He is excellent...


AJAXWorld 2007 East: Doing AJAX with the Microsoft AJAX Development Platform

"MS AJAX combines rich, cross browser client side libraries with ASP.NET's popular server side development NT technology to offer an ideal developers toolbox for developing the next generation of Web Applications," said Stagner


Update (3-24):  I just saw one more notewothy post drop in:

 Atalasoft at AjaxWorld NYC 2007

AJAX in the Balance by Brad Abrams (Microsoft): This was one of the main keynotes I was interested in.  Brad showed us a demo web site that he created to sell dice.  He used ASP.NET AJAX to stop the full page refresh, and add autocomplete to the search box.  He also showed us how that demo worked with PHP and Linux, on a Mac.  He gave us a preview of JavaScript intellisense in Orcas (which looks really sweet btw).  The 'wow' part of the keynote was when he showed off a WPFE demo that had turning pages, music, and video.  Very impressive.

Comments (4)

  1. Wiennat says:

    In your demo

    of running ASP.NET AJAX in Ubuntu. Do you run it on Mono? Or just run it with a browser in Ubuntu.

  2. Brad Abrams says:

    Wiennat — in the Ubuntu demo I use apache and PHP, not ASP.NET… I did use the Microsoft Ajax Library…   Read more here…

  3. Shog9 says:

    > I do over generalize the Cathedral and Bazaar concept slightly to make a point…

    Dude. If the linked article is anything to go by, you missed the entire distinction between cathedrals and bazaars, casted the comparison as a "commercial vs. non-commercial" thing.

    If you released often, under a non-onerous license, cheerfully accepted fixes and improvements from users, you’re running a bazaar. Doesn’t matter that you’re doing it for money.

    If you keep a tight grip on everything ’till ready for release, not accepting outside input, then you’re a bazaar.

    I doubt you’ll have to think very long before figuring out which camp ATLAS falls into…

    Continuum. Huh.

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