Great fun at AjaxWorld


Well, I made it in to NYC early this morning for AjaxWorld… So far the conference has been very good... I am spending a bit of time honing the demos for my keynote Wednesday morning. If you are at the show, I hope you can come, I will be showing the ASP.NET AJAX, the Microsoft AJAX library and WPFE and I will be using Vista, OSX and Linux Ubuntu in the demos!

In the opening keynote, Douglas Crockford asked a little about who was here..

Looks like this is the first “Ajax” experience for about one quarter of the folks here… That shows me that there continues to be lots of momentum.

Interestingly enough, well over half of the folks are working on enterprise applications. That shows me that while we talk a lot about the cool, sexy consumer facing Ajax apps, there is real meat in Ajax in the enterprise developer space. In that area things such as developer productivity, consistency with current investments, incremental adoption models are very important.

Douglas also mentioned something I have long thought is true.. the web is not an application platform.. it is much more of a document platform. Nikhil did a post about this a while back and I totally agree with much of what he says…

BTW, the ASP.NET AJAX talks at the show include:

3/20 -- 6:35 - 7:20p Microsoft AJAX Library Architecture – A Deep Dive Nima Dilmaghani

3/21 -- 07:30 - 08:15a Keynote by the GPM of ASP.NET AJAX – 'AJAX in the Balance' Brad Abrams

3/21 -- 6:05 - 7:00p Doing AJAX with the Microsoft AJAX Development Platform Joe Stagner

If you are at the show, please come by the booth, the keynote, one of these talks or drop me a line.

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  1. Matt Powell says:

    Scott announced that Microsoft joined the OpenAJAX Alliance today. I think this does a lot for Microsoft

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