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It was my good luck to run into Dave McMahon and Richard Costall from NxtGenUG today at the MVP Summit here at Microsoft… We had such a great time chatting they wanted to do a quick little interview for their podcast…

Show #30 - The One With The Maracas ... [list]

You can catch me at about 25:40

We start off talking about the Framework Design Guidelines book and how it is “required reading” at many companies… I am pleased to hear it and I am very happy that the book can be saving so much time for folks so they can void the arguments and just get to work…

We also talked a little about WPFE, Longhorn Server, ASP.NET futures, the Design world and, of course, Mix and more!

Love to hear what you think!

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  1. OK it got off to a slow start, but things started picking up Wednesday morning. I guess the MVP summit

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