Free ASP.NET AJAX Online Training

We just published a great set of rich online training for ASP.NET AJAX.  It includes lots of great information presented in a very easy to understand way.   I highly recommend every ASP.NET developer work through it then add "AJAX" to their resume! 😉


Developing Enhanced Web Experiences with Microsoft® ASP.NET AJAX

With compelling and complex demos that use an informal, peer-to-peer conversational model, graphics and screenshots of ASP.NET AJAX functionality, and useful and relevant code snippets, this clinic really moves the needle!

In this media-rich (eight Capto demos and three animations!) eLearning premium clinic, developers will learn about the robust functionality ASP.NET AJAX Extensions provides for building highly responsive and enhanced Web applications. In addition to learning about the different server and client components of ASP.NET AJAX, they will also learn how to build new ASP.NET AJAX applications and how to upgrade existing ASP.NET applications to take advantage of ASP.NET AJAX.

This clinic was the first courseware title to use the Learning Content Development System (LCDS), which is a form-based tool for authoring Microsoft Learning’s next generation of eLearning. The goal of the LCDS is to enable content development vendors, product groups, internal training organizations, partners, and eventually anyone, to create high-quality, interactive training with relative ease. This pilot is the first step in that effort. We are all looking forward to seeing version 2.0 of this product!

This fresh and engaging two-hour clinic (created by Content Master) is now available and can be accessed from the following location:

Comments (18)

  1. training is good, but complete documentation would be more important

  2. [Via Brad Abrams ] In the Microsoft e-learning developer catalog ( web section ) a new online course

  3. josh says:

    Read and Agreed check box on the site works only in IE…

  4. BradA says:

    Thanks… I will let the site owner know… sorry about that.

  5. Robert says:

    I just tried accessing the course and can not access the content. It says instead:

    This course is no longer available in any offers.

  6. BradA says:

    I just double checked it and it seems to work now… Can you make sure you are signed in and have checked the EULA (upper right hand box)… if there is an issue, let me know..

  7. Pedro says:


    Is this course for free?

  8. Robert says:

    It’s working today.  Maybe someone was updating something and that made it temporarily unavailable.


  9. Hari says:

    The self test in the first module has all undefined values

  10. samuel says:

    Hai can anyone help me out…how to take the values fro textboxes to database through AJAX..without page refreshing….

  11. BetaTest says:

    I am getting Sys.UI.Preview.Label is null error when going through one of the demos. It needs futures assembly I beleive. Do I need to install January CTP futures rease to get that demo working?

  12. Testuser says:

    Is Sys.UI.Preview.Label not part of ASP.Net Ajax 1.0 release version?

  13. Subhash says:

    I cannot seem to sign in to activate the free content.  It logs me in, but then says there was an error processing my request.

  14. Hari says:

    After some frustrating hours found that I needed a reference to Microsoft.Web.Preview.dll that comes as a separate download (January CTP futres. I wish the tutorial clarified this.

  15. Burl says:

    No joy on the training link:

    This course is no longer available in any offers.

  16. BetaTest says:

    why are’nt popup behaviors working?


    After searhcing I found Jeff prosise blogging out with some issues in the release version. Has this been fixed yet?

  17. Igor says:

    Registration (agree on EULA) work only in MSIE, not in Mozilla at all.?

    MS Passport / Live registration shows error ever in my MSIE 6.0 sp1 ( may be not all QuickFixes) ?


    Seems to be best advertisment of crossplatform abilties of AJAX.ASP.NET :[ What wrong with it? Nothing, but busy technical guys, who test such advantages by theyselfs, next time is not advice AJAX from MS.


    Before choose before MS and open source was: Stabilty/Predicabilty(MS) with lower cost (Open Source), so MS win(coz Summary cost of project raises as far as needs fix OpenSource haos )


    But it seem’s to be changed now (

    I can’t recomend buy ASP.NET with quality of worst class open source.

    PS ASP.NET is free? But 2003(IIS) / MS SQL / VS.NET etc is Not

  18. vimal says:

    When i am trying to send the selected item of drop down list to database, every time  the first item in the drop down list is entering into the database table. How to enter the selected item from drop down list to database table ???? Please respond quickly….

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