Filming AJAX on the .NET Show

Today Matt, Bertrand and I are going to film a .NET Show episode focusing on ASP.NET AJAX.   These are really fun because it gives us a chance to talk informally about the technology we have been working on for a while and then walk through some fun demos.    I think of it like having a beer with some fellow developers --- just recorded for millions to see 😉

What topics would you like to see us address?

Even more fun, I thought it would be cool for you folks to suggest some out-of-context words such as "waterfall", "diaper", or "SUV" for us to try to work into the conversation...  You can then tune into the show next month to see how we did...   Any suggestions?

We need to get them by noon PST, so bring on the suggestions!

Comments (11)

  1. Sergio says:

    Try "Anna Nicole Smith"… I’d like to see that fit in the talk LOL

  2. BradA says:

    Oh!  I can see this is going to be fun 😉

  3. Ok, how about 10 points for "woo-hoo"?

    20 points if you wrinkle your nose like you smell something bad and then glance over at the closest person to you…  🙂

  4. Han says:

    Waterfall is somewhat software related, so I don’t think you’d have that difficult of a time with that one. How about "Transformers?"

  5. Ted says:

    A lot of people are really confused about how what used to be Atlas is now ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET AJAX Futures CTP, and AJAX Control Toolkit.  I’m sure they would appreciate a brief explanation of the fragmentation.  

    Also, I think you’ll get a triple word score if you can get Robert Hess to repeat any of the out of context words.

  6. says:

    Definitely it is fun to see a video on lets do it:)

  7. Divisator says:

    I’d like to know if there’s a possibility to find all controls on a page having the same flag with ASP.Net Ajax.


    <input type="text" flag="xx" />

    Suggested word: linux 😀 (I’m using Windows – just want to hear how you’d place it in context 😀 )…

  8. chris says:

    Maybe you could ask how come the .net show’s tag line is ‘stay up to date on platform technologies from Microsoft’ when the last episode appears to have been in October 06?

  9. Jarle Nygård says:

    I’ve seen a quite a few demos of ASP.Net Ajax, but they were all fairly limited in scope. What I’d love to hear more about is how we, as an ISV, can extend our web applications with AJAX, but with all the hard details included. Hard details like security (authentication etc.). We have a > 3 year old application, with a lot of code. We want to make use of AJAX, but we’re concerned with security and how to handle that issue.



  10. I recently filmed an episode of the .NET Show with Brad Abrams ( ) and Bertrand

  11. A while back Today Matt , Bertrand and I are film a .NET Show episode focusing on ASP.NET AJAX . The

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