Framework Design Guidelines Review

It has been a while since I posted about a review of the Framework Design Guidelines book… But I just saw this one Review: Framework Design Guidelines

It also includes a great picture… 😉


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  1. Thanks Brad 🙂

    For those who want to directly read the review, here is the link:

  2. Keith Patrick says:

    This is one of my favorite books to just sit down and read at any point (i.e. geek bathroom book), right up there with the Zen chapters of Abrash’s Black Book.

  3. MarcosMeli says:

    I finally GOT MY COPY !!!

    After two failed shipping to Argentina,

    at the third try I got my copy just for chrystmas and all work the effort !!

    Is really a perfect team wide book to understand a lot of thinks and to get the right chose upon alternatives =)

    I love your book !!

    I´m a the Senior Internal Framework designer for the bussines apps at my main work, and with the FileHelpers I´m always refering to your book to found the best usasable aproach !!

    Thanks to you for writting it !

    and to M$ for let you share it !!

    Keep in the good work, we wait for second part with Windows VIsta Topics and C# related ones.



  4. Chris Nunciato says:

    Excellent book, hugely appreciated.  The companion DVD is also proving enormously helpful.  Thanks for producing such great work.


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