Building up your documentation Karma

I just saw that the MSDNWiki RC0 just went live! I love this project because it allows us as a community to control the quality of the documentation and samples. It makes it super easy for Microsoft folks and the community to quickly and easily add content to the MSDN docs…

This opens up a whole new concept.. I call it documentation Karma.. the theory goes if you spent a little time each week adding a few tips or code examples to your favorite types, then you build up doc karma, if you have enough doc karma then the next time YOU are stuck, and just need a quick example there will be one waiting for you down in the community content section… Ahh, Doc karma at work!

Just select the "Community Contnet" button

Then read or add your add your comments!

Some cool links:

The Statistics page:
RSS Feed:
For .NET Framework 2.0 reference:
For .NET Framework 3.0:

Let's hear what you think!

Comments (6)

  1. Brad,

    quite frankly: nice. however, it would be a lot nicer if the msdn folks would make their pages work with ie7/vista. right now, there’s lots of problems in that area. (some pages not rendering at all, some not in a readable fashion, jscript errors on every single page that is viewed through online help in  vs2005… etc. etc.)


    -thomas woelfer

  2. joseph says:

    thomas, i’m using ie7/vista and having no problems.

  3. whfill says:

    I am a chinese programmer,today I learn from your video named "Atlas-Ajaxian(high).wmv".I think it is userful and AJAX will go well. I want to see the next video you made.

  4. Via Brad Abrams I see that MSDN Library is now opening up a beta program to allow the community to update…

  5. Sam says:

    It sux! It’s impossible to format your code. I spent 15 minutes getting something in there, i hit submit and then a red msg came up saying "Content cannot be empty". Not a good sign.

    Apparently MS feels that contenteditable is the way to go. It isn’t. What works is a textarea and good ol’ phpbb style tags ([code], [b] etc.)

    Good idea, appalling implementation.

  6. msdnwiki says:

    Just wanted to respond to the problems Thomas Wölfer and Sam reported–

    I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve encountered on the site.  We’re working to fix these and other editing errors that are occasionally popping up.  If you have repro steps for these or other problems you find, feel free to send them to me (mollybos at Microsoft) and I’ll pass them on to the dev team.  

    Sam, thanks for your feedback about the content and code editing.  We’ll definitely take your feedback about WYSIWYG vs. mark-up editing into account when we plan for future releases.


    Molly Bostic, MSDN Wiki team

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