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On the way back from a week of vacation in Europe after Teched Barcelona I finished Rainbows End. In this book Vernor Vinge has influenced my view of what the technology should\can do in the future. A few trends from today that Vernor picks up on and extends:

  1. Wearable computing – Will IPod and Zune grow up to full wearable computing power? I love how Vernor solved the user interface problem!
  2. Ubiquitous hi-rate connectivity – My $20/month EvDo is just the starts
  3. Search and Analysis of Information – With so much information in electronic format, finding information and correlating trends is more important than ever
  4. Social Networking – What would sites like YouTube and Soapbox turn into with a good mix of 1?
  5. Large truly local storage – We just released the first baby step there 😉


Have other folks read Rainbows End? What trends did you pick up on?


My wife asked me if this was a positive or negative view of the future –It is a strangely hard question to answer. While there is something compelling about all the above, there is something scary as well, I guess that is what makes the book compelling.


BTW, has anyone cataloged all the literary references in the text? I'd love to check them out, if they are already published 😉

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  1. Philip the Duck says:

    I’ve ordered Rainbow’s End and am looking forward to reading it.

    If you liked it, I also strongly recommend Vinge’s ‘Fire Upon the Deep’, ‘Deepness in the Sky’, and the brilliant ‘Across Realtime’ (containing both ‘The Peace War’ and ‘Marooned in Realtime’).

    Vinge writes highly-technical "hard" SF, loved by every one of my geek friends to whom I introduce his works. Enjoy!

  2. Jeff says:

    $20/mo EvDO? Who, what, where?

  3. Kevin says:

    Have you read,  Does IT Matter? Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage by Nicholas G. Carr?  Interesting point of view regarding technology.


    Kevin Davis

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