Port25 on ASP.NET AJAX

Sam dropped by the other day and interviewed me for Port25 about ASP.NET AJAX… There is some fun history stuff at the start then some explanation of how we see the AJAX space and of course a demo of the Microsoft AJAX Library working with PHP… From Atlas to ASP.NET AJAX: Sam Interviews Brad Abrams…


Patrick Dussud on CLR history

Patrick, one of the founding members of the CLR team, starts a blog by posting a brief bit about this history of the CLR. I dug up a few other bits of CLR history… Enjoy! History Of CsharpBrian Harry on the CLRMy DotNet Rocks! show postedResource management


New Job Title: Senior Simplicity Engineer

I am running into some bumps with a couple of different software project I am involved with…. After mulling those over the break it occurs to me that they have the same root cause: complexity. As I think through the projects we have Program Managers, Development Managers, Development Lead, Software Architects, Software Designer in Test…


Tips on getting ColdFusion and the Microsoft AJAX Library working

Charlie Arehart posted a helpful article on getting the Microsoft AJAX Library working with ColdFusion… Using Atlas (MS Ajax Toolkit) with CF, and getting CF / Atlas example working Thanks Charlie!


Are you wearing?

On the way back from a week of vacation in Europe after Teched Barcelona I finished Rainbows End. In this book Vernor Vinge has influenced my view of what the technology should\can do in the future. A few trends from today that Vernor picks up on and extends: Wearable computing – Will IPod and Zune…


TechEd: Getting the most out of Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

I had a good time today during my session on Getting the Most out of WinForms and WPF… The session was packed out even though it was the last session of the conference! That is certainly a sign that folks are hungry for this sort of information. Attached is the slide deck. We talked about…


Demos for Developer Designer Bless Talk

Thanks for coming.. I had a great time during the presentation.. I took most of the time during the session to build up this site… In the attached zip you can find a complete demo script, you can find the slides on an earlier post… The demo requires Beta2 of ASP.NET AJAX… Please let me…


Mix07 anyone?

Looks like the dates and venue for Mix07 have been announced. Mix07 will be in Las Vegas at The Venetian hotel on April 30 – May 2, 2007. My team has been working on some fun stuff for Mix07… If you are a web designer, developer or BDM, you will not want to miss it!…


TechEd: Developer Designer Bless

I had a great time putting together the slides and demo for this talk… It should be fun one where I show off how developers and designers can work together to build a compelling web site…. As part of this I will be showing Expression Web and of course, some cool new stuff in ASP.NET…


A great day for shipping…

Today two of the products I have spent a bunch of time ship! .NET Framework 3.0 ships! With the 3.0 version of the .NET Framework I can look forward to the day when every application will offer compelling user experiences that that fuse the seamless, immersive nature of TV with the power and productivity of…