What is the deal with UpdatePanel

The developer for UpdatePanel recently posted a couple of good articles about the changes we made in the most recent Beta…


What's up with UpdatePanels and how come nothing works?
This is a higher level piece that explains how UpdatePanel changed from being automatic (and broken) in the CTP to the new functionality in the beta.


HOWTO: Write controls compatible with UpdatePanel without linking to the ASP.NET AJAX DLL
This article goes in depth on how to use the new registration APIs on ScriptManager, but without linking to the Atlas assembly

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  1. donaldlrobinson@hotmail.com says:

    I’m retrofitting a form with the update panel.  The form is built around a complex table and I have to insert the update panel in the middle of the form.  There are three controls that I’m updating (async) all on the same <tr> … <tr> I’m using a trigger for a control this is outside the UpdatePanel and in a separate <tr>.  When I execute the form and enter a value in the trigger field, it retrieves the first, last Name and email as it should without posting the complete page.  HOWEVER when it display the values, it rearrages the way the fields are displayed.  When I click in a field and the click out of the field, the form rearranges in the proper format.

    Is this a problem with the table use or something dealing with the scriptmanager ?  


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