Book: Elements of C# Style

A few months ago I had the opportunity to review Elements of C# Style and I really enjoyed it. It is a concise little book, great for a quick reference on everything for C# syntax basics to designing an inheritance hierarchy. Last week I ran into Andy Grey (one of the authors) and he gave me a copy.. I just love the form factor… small, <150 pages… easy to drop into your laptop bag!



Comments (3)

  1. George Chee says:

    This should be a freely-accessible posting for personal contribution, not an advertisement site for buying books.

  2. BradA says:

    Thanks for the feedback… My goal here is merely to let folks know about cool booksproducts that I run across…   I hope folks find value in that…

  3. Tim Walton says:

    I see the points from both of you.

    I think Brad can convince George and many others of his intention better if he also occationally criticizes some books, or give some advices/suggestions of improvement to these authors. That could be tough, but these authors should take it professionally and not personally.

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