Design Guidelines and Patterns and Practices Summit

I am looking forwarding to doing the keynote at the Pattern and Practices Summit today.  I thought for a while about what to do… I have been into the Ajax thing recently and it is very cool, but ultimately  I decided the real timeless information I had to share was going back to my roots in Framework design.  Working with Krzysztof Cwalina, I distilled down 7+ years of framework design experience into 5 key principles.  While these principles have a specific application to framework design, what I think makes them even more relevant to this audience it that I have seen broad applicability to software design and development as well.  Not to mention I have some fun pictures and analogies 😉 


·         Treat Simplicity as a Feature

·         Know Your User

·         Think Development Ecosystem

·         Use the Power of Consistency

·         Design to Last


Attached are the slides… I’d love to hear you thoughts and feedback…. Feel free to leverage the content in your own work, but I’d appreciate a reference.



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  1. Ken Egozi says:

    Cool presentation. Very clear and to-the-point.

    I specially liked the ReadAllTextFromAFileIntoAStringArray story.

    One thing, though. On page 7, If you want to give a simple way to reuse the stopwatch, you should have supplied a watch.Restart() method …

  2. MarcosMeli says:

    Wow Brad you and Krzysztof ROCK !!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this kind of presentations =)

    I strong based my work in the FileHelpers

    In your great guidelines  !!!

    In fact I follow you from the "Designing .NET Class Libraries"

    a bit old but completely useful for every developer !!!

    And after some time I realize myself how important is to know that stuff.

    I´m waiting the "Framework Design Guidelines" book from march !!!! The amazon shiping to Argentina is really BAD !! they are sending the second copy and counting =) hahahah

    Cheers, thanks and keep in the good work.


  3. Sanjeeb Sarangi says:

    Brad, great presentation. Seat Belt story is the example I liked most. Thanks for sharing the slides.

  4. David Betz says:

    Dude, that is some GOOD stuff.  You guys are the GLUE that keeps .NET together.  I’m usually of the Don Box mind that Pointpoint should be banned by the Geneva convention, but WOW… you have a great presentation here!

  5. Fixed Length and/or Delimited Text File imports are part of many small, medium and large apps. An amazing

  6. Arvind Sherigar says:


    Great presentation. I was wondering if you had recorded your session and whether it is available for download.

    I would have loved to show your talk to our lead developers in this company.

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