Check out the NYTimes reader…

The folks over at the NYTimes have released the beta of the NYTimes reader… a .NET Framework 3.0 based application that provides an amazingly rich experience for reading the newspaper… I have been on the internal pre-beta program for a while and I have found it great!  A few weeks ago I actually read the newspaper end-to-end… I don’t think I have done that in 10+ years.  


The other thing I love about the app is that it has a seamless update stroy, meaning I get new app features regularly as they are released… This was very exciting (and scary for demos) during the pre-beta phase… and I expect somewhat regular updates to continue…  I get these new updates with zero additional install work.. it just gets updated in place…



Comments (5)

  1. Vikram says:

    Good to know about works on Dot Net 3.0

  2. Adam says:

    arrghh.. I am just getting comfortable with 2.0 🙂

    By the way, do you know if installing the 3.0 framework will interfere with development on my machine, using 2.0 code and visual studio?


  3. John says:


    Some highs requirements !!!!

    500 MB of RAM !!!

    > Hardware requirements:

    > Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista

    > 1Ghz processor

    > Minimum: 384 MB RAM

    > Recommended: 500 MB RAM

  4. Matt says:

    I’m really looking forward to .NET 3.0.  Coulda’ used a better newspaper to use though…

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