Speaking at the Patterns and Practices Conference

I was honored to be asked to speak at the Patterns and Practices Conference in October here on the Redmond campus.  I am still locking down exactly what my content will be, so if you plan to come and you have suggestions please do drop me a line.


Comments (2)

  1. Jachman says:


    first of all I congratulate to your election. But to your question: I think an up to date pattern is the "Persistent Domain Object Pattern", which is used to hide implementation details for persistent classes from the UI.

    I would take this pattern because, it’s an really up to date enterprise pattern. It can be used for O/R Mapping issues and perhaps you can integrate LINQ into your dissertation.

    I think you know the pattern. But, here’s a link to a blog entry I wrote about the "Persistent Domain Object Pattern" used with the ObjectMapper .NET.




  2. Sanjeeb Sarangi says:

    Congrats for being honored to be to speak in P&P Conference. I would love to hear you speaking something on "Agile Developement" and "Software as service", apart from "Framework Design principles" (Your talk is simply fabulous on this topic).

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