Want to name Atlas?

Steven Smith has a good discussion going on about what we should name "Atlas"... I can confirm that "Atlas" will not be the final name, and clearly we are listening, so add your funny and serious suggestions a like...

Atlas Naming Game  (note, you gotta check out all the comments.. that is where the fun is)

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  1. MSDNArchive says:


  2. Brad Abrams と Steven Smith からです(Blog 名ですよ。)


    Want to name Atlas?


    Atlas Naming…

  3. Paul Evans says:

    Well as AJAX is also a name for a house hold cleaner, why not CIF?

    Common Internet Foundation


  4. In the Sixties, Serge Gainsbourg sang “who is In, who is out”

    [ >> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7552524324325073286&q=gainsbourg&hl=en  ]

    Today, why is everything always in beta?

    How to explain this hype around Web 2.0? Maybe ridiculous, but fashion.

    [ >> http://flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=101793493&context=set-72057594060779001&size=l  ]

    Microsoft should merge Atlas and Live projets. Both are user-centric technologies…

    An example for others Microsoft technologies…

    So, I propose this name:

    Live 2.0 beta

    >>   http://msig.info/web2v2/(reflect)LIVE%202.OBETA.png

    Best regards

  5. Steve Hamilton says:

    First I’d say that Atlas seems like a fine name for it and now that I’ve been working with it for a while  I’m quite comfortable with the name.  

    But of cource it’s going to change, it always does: Longhorn->Vista, [Bunch of Stuff]->.NET 3.0, Yukon-> Sql Server 2005, etc….

    Since the change is a given I’d add a vote to the previous suggestion.  "ASP.NET Live" sounds appropriatte.

  6. Sul blog di Steven Smith è nata una discussione/sondaggio (Atlas Naming Game) che porta alla scelta finale

  7. Just leave the goddamned name alone. It is a good one.

    Sigh. I guess i better resign myself to the fact that we are going to get a name such as: "Microsoft Asycnhronous Internet Platform 2007 for ASP.NET 2005"

  8. ubercoder says:

    What is Atlas??

    “Atlas” is a free framework for building a new generation of richer, more interactive, highly personalized cross-browser web applications.




    Highly Personalized

    Web Applications

    So , here it is



  9. Sohel says:

    1. WebX – Web XML


    2. PAGEX – enhancing page capability by XML asynchrous

  10. Yonkz says:



  11. Dan B says:

    Given that Atlas is only guaranteed to work properly on Internet Explorer then how about IEJax? 🙂

  12. Well… why not Ajax.net?

  13. Saf Khan says:


    ASPB – ASP Bridge

    MSBN.NET – MS Bridiging Network

  14. Dajianshi says:

    Atlas.Net is the best one

  15. Me says:

    Steven Smith? One should know that this is ArmySteve with iraq war blogs. cf.:  http://armyadvice.org/

  16. Shani Raba says:

    Why we should change the name?

    1) I like the name Atlas

    2) I hope the Xaml (and WPF/E) will catch the Web in a few years and we will forget from HTML and AJAX technology.

    anyway if you must change this call it:

    AWF = Ajax-Web-Foundation

    and include it with the WinFx.


  17. Michael says:

    How about a spoof on Arnold’s trademark phrase, "I’ll be Postback"… or PP.NET (pronounced peepee) for partial postback. MSAJAX sounds like the likely candidate. Just because you change the name doesn’t mean it isn’t still in beta;)

  18. Antoine says:

    What about Anthem?


  19. Todd says:

    I agree with Steve Hamilton.  I think "ASP.NET Live" is it.

  20. Andrew says:

    I agree ASP.NET "Live" is a likely option.  Especially considering the amount of marketing dollars MS is currently pumping into anything to do with Live.

  21. Liked the comment naming it Anthem(.NET) – it’s one of my favorites! 🙂

    No change needed IMO, but if you guys are then some thing like:

    WAF == Windows Ajax/Asynchronous Foundation

    Or even better, just integrate this in ASP.NET FW 2.0 as System.Webx or something extended within System.Web.



  22. Sean Batson says:

    How about

       LSD(Live Script Deployment/Development).Net

       LMS.Net (Live MicrsoftScript.Net)

       WLS.Net – Windows Live Script 2.0


  23. MikeNichols says:

    Why not have Microsoft buy a copyright on the word "AJAX" (since that is their Modus Operandi) and then everyone else will have to change their name or else pay royalties.

  24. Licantrop0 says:

    I think that Ajax .NET is a good name because the word Ajax is well knowed by developers and ".NET" suffix is commonly related to Microsoft products.

  25. Duncan Cook says:

    Atlas is a rubish name and does need changing.

    Search for AJAX on the web and you’ll find lots of usefull stuff.

    Now search for atlas and you’ll find just about every DESTINATION on the planet.

    As its Live for Developers how about

    Lived!  🙂

  26. Headvert says:

    AMEN.NET (a euphemism for TGIF.NET – Thank God It’s Finished .NET)

  27. I suggest:

    WebFX 2.0 or 3.0


    Intelli.NET 2.0 or 3.0

    😉 Bye

  28. Mansoor says:

    how about…

    Live components.NET

  29. Steve says:

    Don’t attach ‘Live’ to Atlas… I don’t care for it.

    Atlas is fine, KISS please

  30. How ’bout:

    Microsoft Asychronous Web-Scripting Library and Framework 2006 Professional Edition?

  31. Ian Ceicys says:

    How about Asp.net Ajax+ Technologies or more simply just Ajax+

    Say it out loud, "Ajax plus".. see the plus means more. yea that’s right Microsoft has added ontop of Ajax and made it better by giving us the update panel.

    Ajax+ baby….

  32. Bryan says:

    What’s wrong with simply calling it "Microsoft Atlas"? I like the name personally, and Microsoft’s track record with "official" names leaves little room for optimism. I’m still bothered by "PowerShell" as opposed to Monad.

  33. Rod Johnson says:

    what about


    since it really is the closest equivalent to javascript in .net.

  34. matthew says:

    how about:

    JIT – since ajax is all about getting stuff just in time


    Magic – it makes web pages seem to magically work like real non-web pages



  35. Tony Valenti says:

    How about:


    WAX.net (Web Application eXtensions)

    WebFX (really like this one)


    WPL (Web Presentation Layer)

  36. I prefer the name "GoNet"



  37. Personally, I don’t get it!?

    Why put all this effort into giving something a name and promoting it’s existence …

    … then getting lots of people to test it and spread the word

    … and when it’s near time to launch it you guys want to change it’s name!?

    It’s like a kid going through school with the name of Johnny and when it’s time to leave and get a job the parents then decide to change his name to Peter.

    Am I the only person that thinks this strategy is just a little bit silly?

    I’ve got this amazing idea Microsoft! Don’t change the name of your products, the code names work fine for me, put a Windows infront if you want to have some continuity with an existing successful branded product.

    Ok, so each code name is going to have to be a bit punchie from know on, oh but wait a minute … they are!

    This is a lesson Apple have already learnt, remember OSX 10.4? It has Tiger written on the box.

  38. AHmed says:

    hi how are you and site wow gmad gadan

  39. erik says:

    extended asp.net (form) controls

  40. Zach Bora says:




    (Asynchronous JavaScript XML .NET)

    I tried other stuff but they all already existed….

  41. Propongo:


    O Algo asi, podria ser un nombre en español como:

    Chalalo 😛


  42. TweeZz says:

    Anthem sounds fine… 😉

  43. piyushjain says:

    How about:

    NGA —- Next Generation Architecture

  44. alex says:

    how about



    Alex (???)


    — Let there be love —

  45. Tim says:

    How about "ASP.NET Live Controls"?

  46. Omari says:

    SAJAX – Suuuper AJAX!

  47. mx says:


    A – AJAX (Atlas)  and like russian blya 🙂

  48. Mike Johnson says:

    I would really like to see MS keep it as Atlas. Please.

    Otherwise MS Marketing is going to get its hands on it and its going to become:

    Windows ASP.Net Page Services Live Local – 2007

    P.S. I am already seeing CV’s with Atlas as a skill. its already taken on a life of its own…

  49. Sanjay says:

    How about naming it as ACP.NET :-), well it would be Active Client Pages.NET….

  50. jace says:

    I vote for Ajax Toolkit for .Net

    also, maybe


    but please, don’t "Live" it…, blech

  51. Navid says:

    Some of the names above are really funny,

    but how about JAXON? 🙂

    It’s "Javascript And XML ON .NET"… 😉

    Now seriously, ATLAS was a not related name for this piece of functionality and it took a while to get used to it (besides AJAX which at least makes sense – everybody is always confusing AJAX and ATLAS and have to think twice to remember which one to use), but why change it now and have the people get used to something new again which will be most likely not related again?

    It seems to me as if Microsoft LOVES renaming products over and over again…

    Cheers, and have fun…

  52. rk says:

    Atlas is a great name… just leave it alone… PLEASE

  53. mov ax,4c00h says:

    Atlas is just nice – what a bad habbit to rename things every day…

  54. Chris says:

    Just name it Chris

  55. Mike says:

    < sarcasm >

    Here’s an idea:

    .NET Framework 4.0

    < /sarcasm >

  56. rg says:

    Windows XC (eXtensible Client)

  57. Ever since Brad Abrams mentioned Microsoft will be renaming Atlas, it&amp;rsquo;s AJAX coding framework,

  58. Al Chumley says:

    It’s actually going to rolled into the .NET 3.0 Framework, right? Why not just include it as part of ASP.NET 3.0? It’s tightly integrated and can only be used with ASP.NET anyway – I just see it as an improvement over ASP.NET 2.0.

  59. MarcosMeli says:

    mmmm, why not ask to the MS marketing team…

    thinking, thinking….

    yep, .NET 4.0 is the best name !!

    All the community will be happy with the new name !!!

    Petition to get back the name of .NET 3.0 to a less confussin name:



  60. Jim says:

    isn’t it still fashionable to make things new and better by prefixing them with "smart"?  also "live" is so much better than "dead" or "stale".

    Smart AJAX Live 1.0

  61. Looks like the game is on to find out what the &quot;real&quot; name of the Atlas framework will be.&amp;nbsp; The…

  62. Duncan Bayne says:



  63. Davi says:

    What about WTF?




  64. Peter says:

    What about












  65. Steve says:

    How about YAF (yet another framework)…

    It sure is getting crowded to deliver web apps.

  66. Gagan says:

    Why is the cooler and better sounding codename never the final name. The codenames for all the winfx stuff were a lot cooler than the final boring names. Anyway how about…

    "ASP.NET Client Side Extensions"

  67. Jimmy says:

    I agree, call it ASP.NET 3.0.  It will imply that it will break everything just like .NET 3.0 is doing, but at least we have 2/3 technologies on .NET 3.0.

    So that would mean sometime next year the 3.0 CLR will show up, but by then WinFX parts will be 3.5 and ASP.NET will be 3.5 too.  

    Brad everything I’ve read since June says that the only people who understand why WinFX is .NET 3.0 and not 2.1 or 2.5 are people who work for Microsoft.  That should really tell you guys something – Stop letting a bunch of marketing people who think they know what the public wants pick version numbers.  Are these the same folks by chance who got Office to switch from years to named versions (Office XP) for just one version?

  68. Jimmy says:

    Better yet go with the following:

    .NET 2.0 (CLR)

    ASP.NET 2.1 (2.0/Atlas)

    FX.NET 2.0 (WinFX)

    That would make a lot more sense.

  69. miechu says:

    i’d like to call it dupa:





    but seriously… LEAVE IT ALONE! everybody knows what it is, so i don’t see why do they need to change it… i don’t like this idea renaming things… ask mercedes or jaguar why didn’t they change their company name…

    next ideas from ms marketing team:

    "it’ll be cool to change microsoft to something more… live… like… ammm…. ms live?" 😉

    atlas is… and it’s good…

    btw. dupa means "ass" in polish 😉

  70. Rosti lan Gear [HEaP] says:

    Personnal best is , =< asp.netx sp1: {NT2000} as unknown.

    I think that the xbox community has better use spoofing this base script into the Ghost(2).

  71. Brad Abrams と Steven Smith からです(Blog 名ですよ。) Want to name Atlas? Atlas Naming Game 一時期 comet なんて話が出ていましたが(アメリカンジョークでした)今回の投稿は

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