What is Atlas?

Matt Gibbs (the dev manager for Atlas) recently posted a great article on Atlas...   A very good introduction.. have a read!




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  1. Brad,

    When will be Atlas be released?

  2. BradA says:

    There is a Go-Live right now… the final RTM will be late this year.  

  3. Deepak says:

    You folks, still it will rock up the world – huh? – I dun think so guys…. You’ve missed out lot in your architecture. Check out google’s stuff… they’re doing great job in now-a-days. please do the absolute tangible architecture.

    ~ Deepak

  4. Chad Lee says:

    Is Atlas RTM going to be bundled with VS 2005 SP1?  Or is it going to be released after VS SP1 as a separate download?

  5. BradA says:

    It will be a separate download, but will work very well on top of VS SP1..

  6. Brad Abrams からの二本立てです。


    What is Atlas?


    Atlas の開発マネージャーである Matt Gibbs さんが素敵な Atlas の記事を投稿されたとの事です。肝心の記事はコチラ。…

  7. Aharon says:

    Is the final release of Atlas going to include Atlas integration with Visual Studio?

    What Atlas-VS integration features are planned for the final release later this year?

     – full javascript intellisense support?

     – xml-script intellisense support?

     – xml-script designer?

     – Atlas script object browser, Nikhil’s javascript utilities or similar support for packaging "script assemblies"?

  8. Brad Abrams says:

    All good questions… We are working this out now…

    The this-year release of Atlas will have about the same level of tools support as the current CTPs.

    The orcas release of VS will add more support.  Not sure exactly what will be in the orcas release yet, be we are talking about a bunch of different options.. stay tuned.

  9. ubercoder says:


    Why the whole AJAX thing is related to google???

    I hate when technologies are related to a specific implementation

    Do you still want to do what they do with javascript and XML??? Do it.

    Atlas I believe is what .Net developers need.

  10. Kevin Brown says:

    Some people complain too much.  First of all, if you don’t like what’s being offered don’t use it.  Secondly, if you have a better solution, do it yourself and shut up!  I don’t want to cause any problems here but some of us come to these site to find out what’s going on and don’t want to read complaints.

  11. Irina says:

    How would we distribute ATLAS to our customers? Will it be  a part of .NET framework?

  12. BradA says:

    Yes, in orcas Atlas will be a feature of the .NET Framework

  13. Mike says:

    So, which one to use, Smart Client or Atlas?

  14. PhotoGuy says:

    Yes, the google comment sounded like that guy was a complainer.

    However it is appropriate to give feedback that MS seems to not be in a leadership position with ajax.

    This is an important technology, and since we have chosen .NET as our platform, we would like Atlas to be in a leadership position.

    So good work, but please don’t stop until you’re the best.

  15. Mustafa says:

    hi, I started using Atlas.  But when i am trying to use this in we controls I am getting the forllowing error. The UpdatePanel ‘U1’ was not present when the page’s InitComplete event was raised. This is usually caused when an UpdatePanel is placed inside a template.

  16. M Kenyon II says:

    Atlas with Web User Control

    I have a user control that offers an image object, a listbox, and a button. The button turns the image visibility on or off. If the image.visible = True, selecting different items in the listbox changes the image shown.

    Can I use Atlas in the user control, or do I have to add the Atlass code to each page that uses the control?

  17. Jon says:

    We have started using some of the Atlas features on our Intranet and I think they rock!  Nice work guys and we are looking forward to the final release!

  18. vineet says:

    Hi I have been working with Ajax + .net for RMI and rendering GUIs (using XSL+XML combo)…But from my experience all i can say is that trouble shooting even a simplest of form often becomes nightmare there (often blame it on case sensitiveness of xml/xsl or an extra space…reminds me of my C Programming days in vi editor)…and join AJAX with pattern based architecture…and you can end up in mental institution..

    So my question is how good + flexible+fast is Atlas in debugging things..

    Some people may consider debugging as something which you dont do after production release…but we application developers often do maintenance job on released products and a small out of way data can just make life hell with Ajax & co..that has been my experience..

    so i was wondering..if someone is seriously looking in that direction..or is MS is just focussing on adding bells and whistles to Ajax and calling it Atlas..

    you can reply me at vineetall@yahoo.com

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  21. Phil Morris says:

    I looked at Atlas, then I looked at some other Ajax implementations – and Anthem won hands down.  It provides a complete set (well, almost – no equivalent for the literal control ) of replacement ASP controls (they are simply extensions of the existing ones) and I was able to ‘ajax’ the interactive pages on my site with virtually no effort at all.

  22. Phil (LA) says:

    I think a lot of work must be done. It isn’t enough.

  23. After building several test applications w/ Atlas, we too were extremely disappointed at the poor UI experience.  Our clients demand fat client apps for the rich web + realtime experience.  We were expecting Atlas to provide this same capability for ASP.Net.  Unfortunately, we have older web apps running Classic ASP + JScript providing a better UI than what we’ve seen with Atlas.  I hope MS re-examines the Atlas design goals with emphasis on achieving a similar UI experience as provided by desktop fat client apps.

  24. David says:

    Well I see it like this with all the technology being offered  (thrown) to us one must make decissions. I see it like this if you are taking a slow train ride across the country do you get of at every stop or do you stay on untill you arrive at your known destination. I boarded with asp.net and that is good enough for me. I love the support & information I can find at the drop of a hat. Think about this if you are a business person or a hobbiest, a business person must stay in tune with there projects and taking away from that (to investigate other avenues)which has the same outcome (don’t make sense) as the other well that just takes away from your responsibilities. And if your a hobbiest well GET A HAIRCUT AND GET A REAL JOB!

  25. Essmat says:

    I want to call a method on the same page using client script…?

  26. Mike Sims says:

    Where can I download all the components and start experimenting with Atlas?

  27. Brad Abrams からの二本立てです。 What is Atlas? Atlas の開発マネージャーである Matt Gibbs さんが素敵な Atlas の記事を投稿されたとの事です。肝心の記事はコチラ。

  28. Rick Dmitruk says:

    How will atlas work with Search engines? I haven’t had much experience with Atlas or Ajax. I’m just now starting to test it. Seems very interesting, but with all the javascript that’s produced will that not have a negative impact?

  29. SADEGH says:

    it is a tecnology of .net

  30. pligg.com says:

    Matt Gibbs (the dev manager for Atlas) recently posted a great article on Atlas… A very good introduction.. have a read! http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/06/07/AtlasAtLast/

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