Great Looking Windows Forms Apps

I just noticed that Mike Swanson was blogging about CSS-Like Visual Styling for Windows Forms with Infragistics’s NetAdvantage AppStylist..  Very cool to see our partners embrace the rising tide  of better user experience. 


Has anyone created a great looking app with this tool?  I’d love to see a screen shot, or better yet a clickonce link 😉 




Comments (4)

  1. PatriotB says:

    Ah yes, making it even easier to create "skinned" apps that completely ignore OS UI standards…

  2. Joe Brinkman says:


     Sorry to say, but I think that Microsoft is a late comer to the rising tide of better user experience.  I often find that Microsoft will jump to the lead in this area for a very short time when they release a new OS, only to be quickly eclipsed by many 3rd party vendors.

    On the bright side I think that WPF will provide a solid foundation for a long while to better improve some of the UI experience.

  3. mauriciofeijo says:

    Hey Brad! Great blog… Cant imagine how you find time.. I thought I would mentions the UI design I did for a Pocket PC retail clienteling application, allowing for one hand operation and no stylus, full screen usage with applet-like look and feel, gradients and all that good stuff.  How can I post a screen shot here?


    Mauricio Feijo – Atlanta, GA

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