Framework Design Guidelines Review from eggheadcafe

I just saw that the Framework Design Guidelines got a good review from Peter A. Bromberg over at EggheadCafe


Book Review: Framework Design Guidelines        


A couple of quotes:

This is what Framework Design Guidelines does for you as a .NET programmer. It lays out, in incredible detail, the exact naming conventions, framework design goals and patterns that are necessary to develop quality reusable .NET code and to be the most professional you can be at this task. You do not "read" this book. It does not teach you how to build a Data Access Layer. You refer to this book, bit - by - bit, step - by - step, as you go on about your programming career, and you absorb each bit as a lesson that helps to make you a more professional programmer and architect.


If you want to be a professional .NET developer, you need to invest in a copy of this book for yourself. It's that simple.


As always, I’d love to hear what you think of the book and how it has helped (or not) in your framework design endeavors.  



Comments (5)

  1. Hallgrim Ludvigsen says:

    The book is absolutely fantastic! Our design discussions sometimes would degenerate to the level of curly braces wars. Now we use Framework Design Guidelines as The law and save the heated debates to things that really matters for our customers. Thank you.

  2. Carlos Lone says:

    Hello Brad,I haven’t had the chance to read your book, but as Peter explains, it seems to be that this is a ‘must have’ reference. I have one question for you, have you written a second edition of this book, and updated version of the book focused on .net framework 2.0?.

    Best regards,

    Carlos Lone

  3. BradA says:

    Thanks for your comment Carlos…  The book already covers 2.0 topics, so we have not current plans for a 2nd edition just for 2.0…  Anything in particular you want to see?

  4. Keith Patrick says:

    I love the fact that the standards take the ambiguity out of things not particularly germaine to how the code itself runs so that I don’t have to spend time thinking about it, but what pains me is that MS isn’t following the own guidelines in its new APIs (WPF is particularly bad about this), so it isn’t helping with regards to consistency in code.

  5. Jose Lema says:

    I just finished FDG and posted my own review. I especially liked the first two chapters (and TxRef).

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