See you at Web Design World in Seattle

I am very excited to do a keynote at the Web Design World conference in Seattle July 10-12th   I am honored to be up there with a great group of speakers.

Here is the talk I am planning to do... Any thoughts\comments?  I’d love to hear from folks that are going..  


Brad Abrams, Group Program Manager for the UI Framework and Services Team, Microsoft

Tuesday, July 11 — 9 a.m.

In this keynote address, Microsoft will share its vision for the Web with designers and developers. You will walk away from the presentation with a better understanding of Atlas, a framework for quickly building cross-browser, Ajax-style Web applications; Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere, a cross-platform, cross-browser runtime; and Expression Web Designer, a tool for creating CSS-based, standards-compliant Web sites. These three technologies will enable you to build rich user experiences for the Web.


Comments (5)

  1. You can’t call it that. I’ve trademarked the word "Web". See you in court!

  2. Well, it looks like Gnomedex is not the only conference happening in Seattle for this time of year. Those of you visiting the area should also check out the Web Design World conference, too….

  3. Brad さん の blog からです。 See you at Web Design World in Seattle 期日は July 10-12までのようですね。 Web Design World

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