"GoLive" with WinFX…

Today at WinHEC BillG announced the Beta2 of WinFX with a Go Live license......


The Go Live is great because it let’s you build apps on WinFX and let customers actually use them!  This bits (and the go live ) work great on XP as well as Vista...

I can’t wait to see what you build with it.. I have beta2 installed and I am ready to install the great apps you build, so send me a link!


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  1. Beers, Bikes, BBQ and Dogfood is how he announced it.  What a great way to kick off Vista Beta…

  2. dono says:

    I have mixed feelings over GoLive licenses. While it is great to allow people to start distributing applications using it, it also hinders with fixing real problems. I remember when Whidbey was still in beta and a GoLive license was released for it. Many bugs were reported against it on the PFC, but the response for some was that it was too late to fix them because it would break apps being developed on it already. I hope this does not happen to WinFX too.

  3. Prem Kumar says:


    What is advantage of WinFx over conventional win32 of GDI+ from GUI’s users’ point of view.

    Untill user will not feel some thing new , no use of accpeting a new developement environment for developer

    Its just a waist of time.

    Prem Kumar

    S/w Engineer

    L&T Infotech Ltd


  4. BradA says:

    Perm — Thanks for your comment…

    The biggest thing WPF offers is integration… if you are an experienced Win32GDI+ developer try integrating video.. or working with a designer on some complex designs… I think you will find both those very challenging.. With Xaml, WPF is able to richly integration Text, UI elements (buttons, etc) and video seamlessly all while enabling a great developerdesigner workflow.

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