High-res version of Atlas talk posted

In response to comments I posted a high-res version of my recent Atlas talk... (it is actually the dry run I did the night before)  It is very demo heavy, but if you want to skip a bit... here are some suggestions


5:58 – Task List Demo

25:00 – Dice Demo  Search Page (Server centric  Atlas\ASP.NET)

38:00 – Dice Demo  Configurator (Client centric Atlas)

57:00 -  Atlas without ASP.NET

1:00:03- Atlas Control Toolkit walk through






Comments (8)

  1. Ajax Experience conference 開催中でも書きましたが、2週間ほど前に Ajax Experience conference が開催されていました。

    そして本日、Brad Abrams…

  2. Steve Marx says:

    FYI, the first link is broken.  It has an extra period at the end of the URL.  The second one is correct.

    Watching the talk now.  Thanks for posting!

  3. BradA says:

    Thanks Steve… I think I got it fixed!

  4. scottt40 says:

    I loved the video, Thanks

    Is the code available from cast?

  5. Zubair.NET! says:

    The link is not working yet. Please give me the correct link.

  6. BradA says:

    Sorry about that.. I checked just now and they seem to work..  let me know if you are stil having a problem

  7. Ajax Experience conference 開催中 でも書きましたが、2週間ほど前に Ajax Experience conference が開催されていました。 そして本日、 Brad Abrams

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